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History of Freeland, Pa.

What's on this page:
  • Links to pages of collective information on specific themes
  • Links to pages on highlighted Freeland area individuals
  • Links to individual Freeland listings from 1895 and 1897 city directories and the 1912 phonebook
  • Links to individual South Heberton listings from 1895 and 1896 city directories
  • Links to biographical information from Luzerne County histories of 1880 and 1893
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[The way information has been coming to me, the individuals listed here tend to be men, as so many business owners were men. I would love to also highlight women here. There were women running businesses (I'm working on a page for Fannie Ferry), or helping husbands or male relatives with their businesses, or serving the community as teachers or health care workers, or working with churches or organizations (pirohi makers!!!), or working in factories (any memories to share about that?), or ... And I should add that not all of the people highlighted in this section ran businesses; I just happen to have zeroed in on Freeland area businesses as one part of the area's history that I want to help to preserve. Silvio Mason is on the list below not because he had a business in town but because his sister Ethel shared the scrapbook with me that he made as a teen and young man. Do you know of anyone, including women, that you would like to highlight in this section? Please email me!]


Individual listings for Freeland from 1895 Barry's city directory

Individual listings for South Heberton from 1895 Barry's city directory
-- (South Heberton was annexed to Freeland soon after this)

Individual listings for Freeland from 1896 Hazleton city directory

Individual listings for South Heberton from 1896 Hazleton city directory

Individual listings from 1897 city directory

Business and residential listings for the Freeland area from the telephone directory, 1912

Business and professional listings for the Freeland area from the Scranton telephone directory, 1917

City directories typically include listings of businesses, individuals, and various organizations and services. Not being a very large town, Freeland has not always had its own city directories published, although there certainly have been some Freeland directories. Sometimes when Freeland was included in Hazleton directories, only its businesses and municipal matters were listed.

Still, in some directories there are lists of Freeland's inhabitants, and I've found at least one directory listing the inhabitants of South Heberton, which later became part of Freeland. A few of these early lists are given here.

If you're interested in businesses and occupations, please also check the "Businesses" link, as those lists of businesses also include information on the individuals who owned or ran them. Freelanders will find many familiar names in these lists, in addition to some that have been gone since before current memory.

A note about the lists: N, S, E, W after a street name refers to the part of the street, e.g., Main E is east Main St. An "h" or "w" refers to whether the address is a home or work address, or both. Occupations are listed, and widows are designated and the names of their deceased husbands are given. Typos might be my mistakes, or might be in the directory, so please report them to me and I'll fix them if they're due to my own careless typing. Thanks.


Sources for a different kind of information about individuals are the early histories of Luzerne County. Linked below are two pages containing biographical information about prominent people of Freeland found in two of these histories.

Prominent people of the Freeland area in Munsell's History, 1880

Prominent people of the Freeland area in Bradsby's History, 1893

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