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History of Freeland, Pa.
Silvio Mason

Silvio Mason Silvio Mason This comes to us from Silvio's sister, Ethel Maso Paoletti. In 2007 she sent me Silvio's scrapbook to copy. She wrote: "As promised, here is my brother Silvio's scrapbook for whatever use you can make of it in connection with the history of Freeland. ... 'Sil' was my parents' firstborn child, who was born July 22, 1917, and died April 3, 2007. Their second son died in infancy, but they went on to have seven more sons and two daughters, all of whom grew to adulthood ... Sil was the only one of my siblings to finish college. ..." The article at left discussed Silvio's passion for volunteering and how that was instilled in him through his experiences as an Eagle Scout. At right is Silvio in his 1932 FHS class group photo. The entire photo can be seen on the page of student class photos, about 2/3 of the way down the page.

Silvio Mason obituary I copied his scrapbook and mailed the original back to Ethel, later giving a paper copy to Tom Landers for the Freeland historical society. Now, years later, I'm posting the scans of Silvio's scrapbook here so that others can enjoy it. His pages begin in 1931, when he was 14 years old, ending in 1939, with the addition of one more page from 1956. Major themes range from local and national sports to automobiles, aviation, and national and international politics. Think of this boy and later young man making this collection of articles about everything that interested him -- growing up in a small town and keeping his finger on the pulse of news items large and small. It's no wonder that his sister Ethel wanted to share it with everyone, and to share him with everyone in this way. Silvio died in 2007, and his obituary is shown at right.

Clicking the links below will open the Adobe PDF files of this scrapbook. If you don't have Adobe Reader on your computer you can download it for free at

PDF logo Silvio Mason scrapbook, part 1 - (PDF file size = 8 MB)

PDF logo Silvio Mason scrapbook, part 2 - (PDF file size = 9.7 MB)

PDF logo Silvio Mason scrapbook, part 3 - (PDF file size = 9.8 MB)

PDF logo Silvio Mason scrapbook, part 4 - (PDF file size = 11.7 MB)

Please know that the actual scrapbook was all one book, not divided into parts as I have done here. I've divided it just so that it's not too much to download at one time. Thank you to Ethel Maso Paoletti for sharing this remarkable record of her brother and his life and times.

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