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History of Freeland, Pa.
Freelanders with patents

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  • Freelanders who were granted patents
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The image at top left comes from the digital copy of a patent granted to Robert Mensinger. Thanks to Google for making these patents available online.

This list of Freelanders to whom patents have been awarded comes to us from Charlie Gallagher, who was one of the compilers. It's an impressive list! They are in chronological order from earliest patent number to latest. He adds these notes:

a.. The list was initally compiled in 2012.
b.. The list was sorted using Freeland as the patent originator's location.
c.. The list did not include any former Freelander's that may have been granted a patent using another location for the orginator.
d.. The list does not include patents that may have been granted to Companies located in Freeland that the originator was not listed as from Freeland.
e.. The list does not include the entire Freeland Area.  Drifton, Sandy Run, Upper Lehigh and all other surrounding areas,  These will have to be researched and posted at a later date.
f.. We regret any omissions that may have occurred. These can be brought to our attention by emailing to Charlie Gallagher and they will be researched and posted.

Charlie adds: "I would ask that, if possible, you dedicate the "Innovators of Freeland" in memory of:
Robert D. "Chico" Mensinger, (July 1955-March 2008)  Patent 5,300,014
A good friend and one of the finest men I had the pleasure to know my entire life."

Freeland's Innovators !

Patents awarded to Freeland residents (many Patents were issued to Freeland Companies, i.e. Garland, Nautulus, etc. this list is only for Freeland residents). This does not include the broader Freeland Area, as Eckley Coxe had over 100 Patents issued, or assigned, to him.

Patents are in order of the Patent Number; people with multiple patents are all listed at that person's name from their first patent.

John Lindsay, Patent 278567

William Solt, Patent 303675

William Solt & William Kline, Patent 333687

Abraham Stroh, Patent 371525, 504635, 589629

Charles Stroh, Patent 486907

Claus Geritz, Patent 523632

Eaton Rickert, Patent 547229

John Brelsford, Patent 552466

William Reazor & Charles Shertzinger, Patent 552547

James Dusheck, Patent 626151

George Brown, Patent 634610

James O'Donnell, Patent 673175, 831373

Peter Magagua, Patent 691538

Benjamine Salmon, Patent 694200

George Wilmont, Nixon Maley & George Brown, Patent 707043

Garrick Hoch, Patent 747708, 8014082

William Cruikshank & Noxon Maley, Patent 755278

William Cruikshank, Patent  758584, 847735

William C. Miller, Patent 778756

Charles Cunnius, Patent 804831

Charles Mulhearn, Patent 825334

Guy Kohler, Patent 837626

Alfred Kester, Patent 953531

George Yoch, Patent 1035510

Roger Herbst, Patent 1042554

Edwin Slusser, Patent 1061333

John Ludwig, Patent 1109773

William Birkbeck & William Ashman, Patent 1138531

Howard Houseknecht, Patent 1170263

Patrick Dever, Patent 1475287, 1548306, 1575043

Morris Finkel, Patent 1606830

John Danko & John Kasarda, Patent 1807391

Ervin Schuster, Patent 2059752

Joseph Saricks, Patent 2156411

Ervin Schuster, Patent 2171101

Roger Dever & Patrick Dever, Patent 2281925

Robert Oberrender, Patent 2446530, 2701366

Jacob Feussner, Patent 2480724, 2760030

Abe Ackerman, Patent 2485345

Orion Popick, Patent 2538236

Earl Kessel, Patent 3038262

Joseph Marisciano, Patent 3259967

Thomas Talarovich, Patent 3485347, 3357231

Edmund Pinger, Patent 3613213

Francis Branz, Patent 4021379

Julius Cerani, Patent 4207636

John Della Croce, Patent 4273533, 4276022, 4279595

William Starner, Patent 4332736, 4683279, 4722989, 4786703, 5041670, 5051152

Duane Crisp, Patent 5025775

George Kulick, Patent 5041077, 6494209

Michael Yencha III, Patent 5121737, 5222474

Robert Mensinger, Patent 5300014

Steven Cosmos, Patent 5823289

Patent designs:

Gordon Schaub, Des 146811

Orion Popick, Des 147597

John Tancin, Des 187685

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