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History of Freeland, Pa.
Joseph Greshko

Joseph Greshko's restaurant, hotel and bar

                Restaurant Tiny Bubbles LaundromatHere's a great photo (at left) that comes to us from Lori Germani Lupi and Vilma Kish Germani, descendents of Joseph Greshko. He is seen here standing in the doorway of his restaurant. Here is what Lori Germani Lupi wrote when she sent the photo:
I'm sending this for my mother Vilma Kish Germani. She graduated from Freeland High 1953 and lived at 445 Schwabe St with her parents Joseph and Mary Kish. She now lives in Allentown. My mother is the granddaughter of Joseph & Mary Greshko of 306 Center St. Business that still has its name on the building. It is Joseph in the door. Not sure when the pic was taken but he died in 1933. After his death his daughter Anna Greshko Kraynok turned it into her beauty shop.

In the 1921-1922 Freeland directory, Joseph Greshko is listed as having a saloon at this building in the 300 block of Centre street. Apparently he also had a hotel or boarding house there. At some point the Greshko name was removed from the top of the building, see photo at right that was taken a few years ago; I don't know when or why it was removed. It's too bad, as it takes away some of the wonderful character of the building. Ditto for the lovely decorations on the upper stories in the photo at left, which were later covered by more run of the mill siding. But you see in the more recent photo at right that the upper window configurations are still the same. Wonder when that building was built?

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