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History of Freeland, Pa.
People of South Heberton in 1896

Individual listings for South Heberton from Directory of Hazleton, including West Hazleton, Freeland and Macadoo, 1896. [spine title; I neglected to get a copy of the title page; will check and correct later]

Thanks to the Greater Hazleton Historical Society, which owns a copy of this directory.

Ansbach Charles, lab, h Highland road
Ashman Isaac, plumber, h foot Washington
Ashman W H, h foot Washington

Beltz Nathan, lab, h foot Birkbeck
Billman Jacob, miner, h Highland road
Bilger Sadie H, domestic, h 4 Birkbeck
Blass Overall Co (Philip Blass, W H Butz, S E aOberrender), Foster cor Cunnius
Boyle Dennis, plaster, h Birkbeck
Boyle J C, plasterer, h 140 Birkbeck
Boyle J J, plasterer, h Birkbeck
Brelsford John, painter, h 12 Birkbeck
Brelsford J E, machinist, h Birkbeck
Brown George, student, h n Washington
Brown Mamie, student, h n Washington
Brown Mattie, teacher, h n Washington
Brown Thomas, miner, h n Washington
Brown Thomas, student, h n Washington
Butz W H, clerk Coxe Bros & Co, h s w cor North and Centre

Campbell Boyd, lab, h Birkbeck
Campbell John, painter, h foot Birkbeck
Cunnius A R, h Birkbeck
Cunnius Annie L, dressmaker, h Birkbeck
Cunnius C E, carpenter, h Cunnius
Cutler George, h Washington

Darrell D W, machinist, h Birkbeck
Doggett George, lab, h n Washington
Doggett Kate, h n Washington
Doggett Michael, lab, h n Washington
Doggett William, lab, h n Washington
Doggett Richard, miner, h Washington
Drasher Barbara, wid Reuben, h Front
Dusheck John, bottler, h n Washington

Electric Light, Heat and Power Co, Raymond D Meyer supt, Birkbeck nr Walnut
Emmern Martin, lab, h Birkbeck
Estner John, mason, Turnpike
Evans Thomas Jr, h 170 Birkbeck

Farrar G C, principal Upper Lehigh Graded School, h Birkbeck
Fox Frederick, lab, h Birkbeck
Freeland Mercantile Co, ltd, Daniel Kline supt, flour and feed, Birkbeck cor Johnson
Freeling Casper, lab, 2 Birkbeck

Gibbon Sophia, wid William, h n Washington
Gurtz Clarence, lab, h 145 Birkbeck

Hadesty Mary T, wid G W, h n Washington
Hadesty Mary J, wid George, h Washington
Hiney C F, agent, h 145 Birkbeck
Hontz John, lab, h 8 Birkbeck
Howey Thomas, painter, h Highland road
Howey Robert, lab, h 16 Birkbeck
Hadocky George, driver, h n Washington
Hughes W J, lab, h 85 Birkbeck

Independent Polish Church, Rev Powell Kominski pastor, Birkbeck

Jones M J, h foot Birkbeck
Jones Mary Ann, domestic, h 170 Birkbeck
Joskavitch Peter, miner, h Birkbeck

Kemp A M, apprentice, h 92 Walnut
Kester Alfred, carpenter, h Cunnius
Kline W D, clerk, h 235 Birkbeck
Kline Annie E, wid Frederick, h foot Birkbeck
Kline W D, clerk, h foot Birkbeck
Koons Milton, clerk, h n Washington
Kominski Powell Rev, pastor Independent Polish Church, h Birkbeck
Korhnak Martin, miner, h n Washington
Krommes Joseph, lab, ft Birkbeck

Latshaw Dick, h Front cor Chestnut
Letcher William, mason, h Birkbeck
Lynch Joseph, lab, h Highland road

McHugh Susan, wid Edward, h ft Birkbeck
McMenamin Bridget, wid John, h ft Birkbeck
McMurtrie E C, lab, h Birkbeck
McMurtrie William, teamster, h Birkbeck
McNelis John, slate picker, h ft Birkbeck
McNulty John, h Highland road

Marley Michael, h n Washington
Meas A W, stone mason, h Birkbeck
Miller Verna, h Front
Mismer Oscar, apprentice, h Birkbeck
Mismer Oscar, painter, n Birkbeck
Modjeska Julius, carpenter, h 147 Birkbeck
Moyer Eden, saloon, Birkbeck, h do
Moyer Emma, h Birkbeck
Moyer Lillie M, h Birkbeck
Moyer Richard, driver, h Birkbeck
Murrin Edward, lab, h ft Birkbeck
Murrin John, lab, h ft Birkbeck
Murrin Michael, miner, h ft Birkbeck
Murrin Patrick, miner, h Birkbeck

Nagle George, lab, h n Washington
Nagle Henry, apprentice, h n Washington
Nagle Jacob, miner, h n Washington

O’Donnell F H, brakeman, h 26 Birkbeck

Palmer F H, civil engineer, h Front

Roberts J A, lab, h 85 Birkbeck
Rinker Clara, wid Robert, h Highland road

Schnee Joseph, miner, h ft Birkbeck
Schnee Peter, h Highland road
Schreiner George, saloon, Front cor Chestnut, h do
Sensenbach Joseph, carpenter, h Johnson
Shafer C F, painter, h Johnson
South Heberton Public School, Thomas Evans principal, Birkbeck
Smith Annie, wid Thomas, h Highland road
Smith Conrad, driver, h ft Birkbeck
Stiles J F, lab, h ft Birkbeck
St James Episcopal Church, Washington bet South

Thomas Robert, miner, h 85 Birkbeck

Ulrich Morris, lab, h Highland road

Vernon W J, lab, h 20 Birkbeck

Walck Harvey, lab, h Highland road
Walck Thomas, lab, h Highland road
Walker David, miner, h Birkbeck
Waldron Calvin, h Cunnius
Ward Patrick, lab, h Birkbeck
Wilson Harry, miner, h Highland road
Wilson James, lab, h Highland road
Wozniewicz Wylem, shoemaker, h Birkbeck

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