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History of Freeland, Pa.
Business proprietors and professionals in the 1912 area telephone directory

What's on this page:
  • Business telephone listings for 1912
  • Residential telephone listings for 1912
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This information comes from the 1912 phonebook that includes listings for Freeland, Hazleton, Wilkes-Barre and Scranton, along with 30 other area communities. Here are the listings for the Freeland area.

Business listings:

Albert Edgar, Furniture – Centre
Armour & Co, Geo Christian, Mgr – Washington
Bartels Brewing Company – Front
Beagle & Roth, Hame & Smith Works – Front
Bechtloff John, Saloon – 28 S Ridge
Borough of Freeland, Burgess – Municipal Bldg
Bott L, Saloon – Centre
Boyle James W, Con & Bldr – Johnson nr Alvin
Boyle J W, Contractor – Woodside
Boyle William P, Grocer – Walnut
Brenz Leo, Grocer – Fern
Cantner W F, Central Hotel – 15-17 Centre
Central Hotel, W F Cantner – 15-17 Centre
Central Railroad of N J – Upper Lehigh
Citizens’ Bank of Freeland – 15 N Centre
Davis B F, Flour & Feed – Birkbeck
Dieterich & Son, F, Livery – Washington
Denneny Nellie A, Nurse – 222 S Washington
DePierro Bros, Cafι – S Ridge
DePierro R M, Pool Room – 50 S Centre
Dougherty W M, Restaurant – Centre
Dusheck Charles, Whol Liquor Dealer – Main
Edwards & Co, E J, Genl Store – Main, Drifton
Elk Club No 1145, B P O Elks – Centre
Evans Jonas, Meat Market – Centre
First National Bank – Front
Fisher John, Livery – Washington
Fox Julius, Baker – 31 N Centre
Frank & Barber, Inc, Druggists – S Centre
Freeland Brewing Co – Fern
Freeland Elec Light, Heat & Power Co – Birkbeck
Freeland Overall Mfg Co – cor Foster
Freeland Press, W R Flad, Prop – Centre
Freeland Silk Mill Co – Birkbeck
Freeland Supply Co – 41 Centre
Freeland Tribune – Main
Fritz H W, Grocer – Walnut
Gallagher Bros, Grocers – S Centre
Gallagher D S, Grocery Store – S Centre
Gavanaski Joseph, Saloon – E Walnut
George Henry, Grocer - Walnut
Golamis Leon & Co, Confectioners – Centre
Goodman & Ferry, Druggists – Centre
Goodman & Ferry, Druggists – cor Centre & South
Grand Opera House – Centre
Griffiths J E, Contractor & Builder
Hayne Frank, General Store – 169 S Centre
Hess Dr S S, Dentist – Centre
Hoch Hame Co – Washington
Horlacher Bros, Bakery – 110 Centre
Hudock George B, Btlr & Liq Dlr – S Washington
Jacobs & Janowich, Shirt Mfrs – Fern
Johnson James, Grocer – S Heberton, Birkbeck
Johnson Joe, Ice Dealer – Front
Jurica Rev Anthony, Salonian Priest – Ridge
Keiper William, Saloon – Walnut
Kemmerer M S Co, Coal Shprs – Sandy Run
Kernan Dr F X, Dentist – Star Theatre Bldg
Kline H, Clothing Store – Centre
Krause Louisa, Hotel – S Washington
Krause Mary, Hotel – 194 Birkbeck
Krell William, Cafι – cor Front & Washington
Lavine Morris, Clothier – 163 Centre
Lehigh Valley R R, Freight Office – Centre
Luckie Leonard, Cafι – 48 Centre
Mayberry A P, Music Store – Centre
McDonald F A, Undertaker – 91-93 S Centre
McMenamin John, Mgr Grand Opr Hse – Centre
Merkt M, Confectioner – Centre
Millhopper Packing Co, Meats – Sandy Run
Mooney Frank, Saloon – Centre
Neale Dr H M, Office – Upper Lehigh
Neale Dr H M, Office – Centre
Norris J H, Grocer – cor Front & Centre
Oberrender W E, Genl Store – S Centre
O’Donnell Frank, Livery – Centre
Oleyar Michael, Grocer – 120 Centre
Oswald & Son, A, Grocers – Centre
Palya George, Butcher – Centre
Pelot Mike, Confectioner – Centre & Carbon
Polcha Andrew E, Jr, Confectr – 146 S Centre
Pond Creek Coal Co – Pond Creek
Post Office, W R Flad, Postmaster – Centre
Reagan J M, Real Est & Ins – South
Redelin Dr A A, Physician – Centre
Reese E C, General Store – Eckley
Remack Mike, Saloon – Main
Reichman Theo, Architect – Centre
Restenberger D A, Livery
Robinowitz S, Clothing – 54 Centre
Roth & Beagle, Smith & Hame Works – Front
Schoeller Christ, Baker – Front
Schulz George, Hotel – Front
Silvasi Emri, Butcher – Centre
Shigo John, Dry Goods – Centre
Star Theatre – Centre
Steiner Joseph, Retail Liquor – 58 Centre
Sweeney P M, Bottler – 189 S Washington
Tigers’ Athletic Club – Walnut
Truckenmiller Dr R, Physician – 136 Centre
Tutkovich Rev Bart, Greek Priest – Fern
Upper Lehigh Coal Co, Office – Upper Lehigh
Wackley Henry L, Undertaker – 136 Centre
Washington Silk Co, Gus Repert, Mgr – Ridge
Waskevich John, Saloon – Walnut & Pine
Wentz Dr G L, Physician – Drifton
Wise George, Harnessmaker – Jeddo
Wise George, Harnessmaker – Centre
Wolf A F, Coal & Supply Store – Front
Yannes John, Bottler – Washington
Young Men’s Christian Assn – Front
Zelenak Andrew, Whol Liquor Dealer – Ridge

It's so interesting to see which individuals had phones back then!

Residential phones:

The names in bold text might have their offices at their residences.

Bachman A A, r – Centre
Bakaitis Millie, r – 233 S Washington
Bell J G, r – Washington
Berger Ira, r – Washington
Bierly H C, r – Drifton
Bonoma Adeline, r – 109 N Centre
Boyle James W, r – 101 N Birkbeck
Bray W R, r – S Ridge
Bruger G J, r – W Cedar
Christy James A, r – 131 S Centre
Coxe E B, Jr, r – Drifton
Coxe Eckley B, Jr, r – Drifton
Coxe Mrs Eckley, r – Drifton
Davis B F, r – Ridge
Dickinson Dr Chas S, r – 175 S Centre
Ferrari Frank, r – Fern
Gallagher Margaret, r – Birkbeck
Goldecke A P, r – Jeddo
Harakal Joseph, r – 104 Ridge
Hess Dr S S, r – Centre
Hindennach W W, r – Jeddo
Hovel Rev Louis, r – S Washington
Joyce W E, r – Main, Sandy Run
Kassakaitis J, r – 177 Ridge
Kemmerer G L, r – Upper Lehigh
Learn Simon, r – Birkbeck
Leisenring A C, r – Upper Lehigh
McGee George, r – Front
McLaughlin Frank, r – Ridge
McNelis Jas P, r – Front
Mowry Wilson, r – Upper Lehigh
Oberrender Stanley E, r – Walnut
Oswald Victor A, r – 51 E Main
Page John, r – 35 Ridge
Phillips Joseph, r – cor Pine & Johnson
Radler G W, r – Drifton
Redelin Dr A A, r – Centre
Reese E C, r – Eckley
Repert Gust H, r – Centre
Restenberger D A, r – Johnson
Rute Asa A, r – Walnut
Saricks John, r – Adams
Sarricks Joseph G, r – Front
Schembs Wm H, r – Vine
Schwabe M, r – Schwabe
Shigo John, r – Vine
Smith Isabella, r – 117 N Washington
Stefan John, r – 22 E Luzerne
Stroh John C, r – Drifton
Wells George T, r – 60 First, Drifton
Welsh Dr S G, r – Drifton
Yock, George, r – 19 Chestnut

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