Exhibition Design in Process: Carnegie Museum of Art
Viva Vetro! Glass Alive!
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Groundplan revised 3/26

Early Italian Platform
Early Italian Left
Early Italian Right
Early American

Early American Sterns Light, Chess Set

Early American Fish
Fucina Platform
Italians in Armerica One
Italians in America Two
Americans in Venice
Americans in Venice, Lipofsky Platform
Americans in Venice Lights


Chihuly, Ikebana
Chandeliers, Rosin
Chandeliers, Mongrain
Chandeliers, Ruffner


Chandeliers, Santini
Chandeliers, Dailey

Chandeliers, Marangoni

Venitian Techniques
New Italians One
New Italians Two
New Italians Three
New Italians Four
New Italians, Tagliapietra
Italians in America One
Italians in America Two