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Lecture Schedule
1. Aug 25(S)     Introduction to Biololgy
2. Aug 27(T)     Elements, ions, and bonding
3. Aug 29(R)   Q1 - Aromatic, Chirality, Functional groups, Water & H-bonding
4. Sep 1(S) 1 Due   pH (partial notes, see lect 5 for the rest)
5. Sep 3(T)     Intro to Proteins
6. Sep 5(R)   Q2 Primary Structure
7. Sep 8(S)     Secondary and Tertiary Structure
8. Sep 10(T)     Immunology
9. Sep 12(R)   Q3 Enzymes I
10. Sep 15(S)     Enzyme II & Inhibitors
11. Sep 19(R)   Q4 Analysis of Inhibitors/Retroviruses
12. Sep 22(S)     HIV Protease/Intro to Nucleic Acids
13. Sep 24(T)     DNA Polymerases
14. Sep 26(R)   Q5 HIV Rev Trans/Mutations
15. Sep 29(S)     DNA Sequencing
16. Oct 1(T)     PCR and Cloning
17. Oct 3(R)     Transformation and Antibiotic selection
18. Oct 6(S)     DNA Replication
19. Oct 10(Th)     DNA Transcription and Gene Regulation
20. Oct 20(S)     Protein Synthesis
21. Oct 22(T)       RNA processing/Xray-Diffraction
22. Oct 24(Th)     Carbohydrates
23. Oct 27(S)     Lipids
24. Nov 3(S)       Biological Membranes
25. Nov 5(T)     Protein Export and Cholesterol
26. Nov 7/9     Signaling
27. Nov 10       Introduction to Metabolism/Glycolysis
28. Nov 12     TCA & Electron Transport
29. Nov 14     ATP Synthesis, fat metabolism, fermentation
30. Nov 19     Chromosome Structure
31. Nov 21     Mitosis and Meiosis. Kinesin video:
32. Nov 28       Human Genetics - Part I
33. Dec 1       Human Genetics - Part II
Exam Review: See blackboard