95-771 Data Structure and Algorithms for Information Processing September - December 2011 Adelaide

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September 10
Main Ch. 1,2

Main on Pre and Post Conditions
Basic Big O
Main on OOP
Homework 1 Lists
Homework 1 Javadoc
September 17
Main Ch. 4

Big O
Linked Lists

September 24
Main Ch. 6,7

N Queens on U-Tube
Main Ch.6,7
Main Ch.9 Binary Search Trees

Queues and Red Black Trees Homework 2
Red Black Tree Project
Homework 1 Lists Due Saturday at midnight
October 1
Main Ch. 9,10

Red Black Tree Video
Heaps and B-Trees
Main on Heaps Ch.10
Notes on 2-3 Trees

October 8
Main Ch. 11,14

Cool Graph Applets

Floyd Warshall at Wikipedia
Graphs I
Graphs II
Homework 3 (Red Black Trees Part 2)
Stack (.html)
RPNCalc (.html)
RPN parser (.java)
Homework 2 Red-Black Tree Due at Midnight
October 15
Main Ch. 11,14

Graphs III

October 22
Main Ch. 12

Homework 3 Red Black Trees
October 29 Midterm exam
Old Midterm exam - Spring 2011 topics may differ.

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Old Midterm Fall 2011
Old Review for midterm
Graph Coloring Heuristic and Decision Problem Homework 4
November 5
Main Ch. 6,7

Searching I
Main on Searching Using Hash Tables Ch.11

November 12

Digital Search Tree and Radix Trie
Searching II
Lecture Notes
Main Ch.12
Sorting I
Homework 5 LZW Compression
Homework 4 Graph Coloring
November 19

Data Compression Huffman
Huffman explained
Data Compression LZW

November 26
Main Chapter 12

Radix sort
Sorting II
Radix Sort
Slide Edits
Lecture Notes
Homework 6 Turing Machines
December 3

Finite State Machines

Turing Machines
Finite State Machines I
Finite State Machines II

Homework 5 LZW compression
December 10

The Chomsky hierarchy

P versus NP problems
Finite State Machines III
NP-Complete Languages
Old Review for Final

Homework 6 Turing Machines
Saturday December 17 Final Exam

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