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History of Freeland, Pa.
Halls and meeting rooms

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  • How were these halls used? Partial list, locations, descriptions
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Use of halls and meeting rooms in the Freeland area for various purposes – social, cultural, political, athletic, religious, music, theatric, civic – goes back to our earliest days. This page looks at a number of halls and meeting rooms in Freeland, and also a few halls in South Heberton, Jeddo, Drifton, and the Y.M.C.A. in Sandy Run. Sadly we don’t have pictures of most of them, but at least we have some information about most of them. If you can share additional information or images for this page, please let me know.

How were these halls used? Here are some examples:

Cottage Hotel and Haas Hall, Washington Street – social, cultural

Cross Creek Hall, Drifton – social, cultural, educational (first MMI location)

Donop’s Hall, Ridge and Walnut Streets – social, cultural, religious

Freeland Auditorium, Front and Washington Streets – social, cultural, athletic (see Krell's Hall)

Freeland Hall, Centre Street – social, cultural, patriotic, political (built for P. O. S. of A.)

Grand Opera House, Ridge Street – social, cultural, musical, theatrical

Harmony Hall, South Heberton – hotel, social

Haas Hall, at the Cottage Hotel, Washington and Main Streets – hotel, social, musical, cultural

Highland Hall, Highland – social

Jeddo Casino, Jeddo – social, cultural, musical, athletic, civic

Krell’s Hall, Front and Washington Streets – social, cultural, musical, theatric, athletic

Lindsay Hall, Front and Washington Streets – social, religious, fraternal, civic

Passarella building, 46-48 [later renumbered 528] Centre Street – business, political, educational (second MMI location)

Remak building meeting room, Main Street – business, social, political

Tigers Club Room, Walnut Street – social, cultural, athletic

Timony Hall, South Street – social, cultural, athletic

Town Hall – civic (see Donop's Hall)

Washington Hall (Albert Goeppert, Washington Hotel), Walnut Street – hotel, social

Yannes Opera House, Front and Washington Streets – social, cultural, musical, theatrical

Y.M.C.A., Front Street – social, religious, athletic, cultural, civic

Zemany Hall, Main Street – social (Young Men’s T.A.B. Society meetings, reading room in 1890)

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