Physics for future Presidents



Due Type Assignment
Mon 1/15 reading Read the Syllabus
  reading Read my notes on how I plan to organize my lectures and what this implies for you
Wed 1/17 reading Read Chapter 3 of the textbook
Fri 1/19 reading Read Chapters 1 and 2 of the textbook
Mon 1/22 reading Read Chapter 4 of the textbook
  homework Solve homework sheet 1 and hand in your solutions in recitation.
Wed 1/24 reading Read Chapter 5. Also, read Chapter 4.6 again.
Fri 1/26 reading Read Chapter 6, up to and including 6.2.
Mon 1/29 reading Finish reading Chapter 6; start reading Chapter 7, up to and including 7.4.
  homework Solve homework sheet 2 and hand in your solutions in recitation.