Physics for future Presidents

Study Aids and Handouts

  1. Here are some notes I wrote on how I plan to organize my lectures.
  2. Chapter 3 in the book starts with the statement that there are two different "philosophies" in the field of probability theory and statistics: Frequentist and Bayesian. The book of course cannot delve into this in any greater detail, and hence the distinction might remain a bit mysterious. If you want to learn more about this, an interesting point to start might be the first 40 minutes of a talk by Michael Jordan, which you can find here. Especially illuminating are the three slides entitled "Decision-Theoretic Perspective". Another interesting source is the article by Bradley Efron entitled "Modern Science and the Bayesian-Frequentist Controversy", which—just like the talk by Jordan—takes a pleasingly synthetic point of view.
  3. Here's again the link to the excellent youtube video by 3blue1brown on Bayes' Theorem.
  4. Here are some additional notes on Debye's derivation of the energy of a harmonic solid.