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Lectures & Workshops

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All lectures & workshops are on Wednesdays between 1:30 and 4:20pm in MM 103 unless noted otherwise.

Lecture 01

Engineering and Architecture [SL]

Lecture 02

Design Process [SD]

Lecture 03

PS62 [SL]

Digital Workflow 01 - Climate

Lecture 04

Integrating Structure and Enclosure 1 [SL]

Digital Workflow 02 - Site

Lecture 05

Integrating Structure and Enclosure 2 [SL]

Digital Workflow 03 - Massing

Lecture 06



Hands-on SPAIGR Workshop

Lecture 07

Passive House [JD]

Digital Workflow 04 - Analog Parameters

Lecture 08

Some Concluding Thoughts [SL]

Digital Workflow 05 - Options


Structure as a Formgiver [JD]

Transparent Enclosures [JD]

Water [DC]

Tectonic Thinking [SL]

Solar Decathlon [SL]

Phil Ross from the Intimate Science Exhibit

Tectonic Thinking One

Tectonic Thinking Two

Pier Luigi Nervi + Ricardo Morandi [SL]

Buckminster Fuller [SL]

Jean Prouve [SL]

The Swiss Engineering Legacy [KG]

Details [MG]

Details [WB]

Opaque Enclosures [KG]

Choosing Structure [WB]

Process & Form [MF]

Representation | Realization | [LC]

Iteration [OA]