48_305/640 | Advanced Construction Studio | S19

Pre-Final Review | Wednesday, 10 April 2019 | 13:00 - 17:00

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The following requirements have been developed by the 3rd year faculty team. Instructors may assign more items or work at a different scale. We are allocating twenty (20) minutes per review, so we can get into great detail about your work. This review is individual whilst the final is scheduled for two days, so that we we can combine studios to share the work.

Plotting Deadline:

All pencils (mice) down at 18:30 on Tuesday, 9 April 2019.
If you want SoA-IT Help to plot your files (at no charge), upload them here: /ArchPCServer/Print Dropbox/Plotting/Drop Files Here/48305_PlotBySoA-ITHelp/.
If you want to plot on your own, upload your plot files here: /ArchPCServer/Print Dropbox/Plotting/Drop Files Here/48305_PlotByStudent_Record_Copy/.
Either way, the deadline is the same - 18:30 on Tuesday evening.

SoA-IT Help plots can be picked up at the Media Center after Ethics & Practice.

Please respect the deadline - ALL plotting needs to be submitted or done by this time. The 48.305 faculty reserve the right to compare the submitted plot file with the pinned up plot to ensure that no additional work has been done. This is for fairness and your health -- everyone gets the same amount of time to work on the project and you need to take a break from work to sleep and shower enabling you to make a coherent presentation to the reviewers during your crit, not to mention attending E & P for the McKamish Workshop.

Review Locations

You may perform touch up work on your models and edit your PowerPoints between the plot deadline and your review.

The purpose of the pre-final review is to create a detailed storyboard of what you anticpate hanging for your final review. If you have not created all the drawings yet, draw a box to scale on the sheet and label it e.g. North Wall SPAIGR. For the final review the focus of your two plots is on the technical documentation of the project. The TV's will be available for presenting the narrative and development of your project over the course of the semester.

Minimum Submission Requirements:

Plan your physical presentation in formatted sheets to take up no more than 72 inches wide x 88 inches tall of wall (panel) space with a minimum sheet size of 22 inches x 34 inches. Your are encouraged to combine the drawings on the list below to take maximum advantage of the real estate that you have.

Plan your digital presentation as a PowerPoint or PDF to the maximum resolution of the flat screen TV's