Formal Logic

Fall 2018 
Steve Awodey
TR 12 - 1:20 
Baker Hall A53  
9-12 units 

An introduction to formal logic, with applications to computer science. Topics include inductively defined structures, the syntax and semantics of first-order logic, completeness, compactness, and the Loewenheim-Skolem theorems. Further topics may also include definability, nonstandard models of arithmetic, higher-order, intuitionistic, and modal logic.

Prerequisites: either 80-210, 80-211, 21-127, 15-251, or consent of the instructor.


Course Information

Lectures  TR 12-1:20, BH A53  
Recitations  Tuesdays at 6pm in Baker Hall 150  
Textbook  Logic and Structure, Dirk van Dalen, Springer 2013.
Available on-campus from this link.
Credit  9-12 units 
Grading  50% Homework, 25% Midterm, 25% Final 
Homework  Weekly homework is posted here on Thursdays and due the following Thursday in class.
Homework should be turned in in-person, and will not be accepted by email.
Late homework will be accepted only under exceptional circumstances.
Midterm  Thursday, Oct 11, in class.
Closed book, one two-sided sheet of notes permitted.
Final  Thursday, December 6, in class.
Closed book, one two-sided sheet of notes permitted.
Topics  Inductive definitions and proofs, 
Syntax and semantics of propositional logic, 
Syntax and semantics of first-order logic, 
Elementary model theory, 
Higher-order, intuitionistic, and modal logic. 
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Teaching Staff

    Office Office Hours Phone Email
Professor  Steve Awodey BH 135F  F 11-12  x8-8947
TA  Matthew Bowen DH 4301 T 3:30-4:30 xxx
TA  Zesen Qian DH 4301C M 3-4 xxx
TA  Andrew Warren DH 4301D F 3-4 xxx
Admin. Asst.  Mary Grace Joseph  BH 161H    x8-9459
Steve Awodey