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Research Topics:

•       Computerized training tools for cryosurgery

•       Interactive prostate shape reconstruction from 3D TRUS images

•       Ultra-miniature wireless implantable temperature sensors

•       Computerized planning of cryosurgery

•       Experimental verification of bioheat transfer simulations

•       Ultrasound image reconstruction

•       Fracture formation around a cryosurgical probe

•       Thermo-mechanical stress in cryopreservation

•       Thermal expansion of cryoprotective agents combined with synthetic ice modulators

•       Developing a device for visualization of large-scale cryopreservation

•       Cryomacroscopy of vitrification and fracture formation

•       Cryomacroscopy of fracture formation in vitrified thin films of cryoprotectants

•       Hyperthermia using nanoparticles

•       Microfluidics techniques in cryopreservation