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Computerized Training Tools for Cryosurgery


Despite the continuous development of devices and techniques for minimally invasive cryosurgery, modern cryosurgery frequently falls short of maximizing cryodestruction to the target region, while minimizing cryoinjury to the surrounding healthy tissues. Here, one of the most significant difficulties—and probably the less intuitive obstacle to overcome—is the design and generation of a frozen region to adequately correlate with the shape of the target region and established criteria for cryosurgery success. This line of research focuses on medical training and education associated with planning and creation of the optimal 3D thermal field for cryosurgery, for the benefit of the surgeon, the medical researcher, and the clinical instrumentation developer.


A computerized training tool prototype is being developed, with the objectives being to shorten the clinician’s learning curve, reduce practice time, enable case studies on “what-if” scenarios, and enable revaluation of past clinical procedures via a cryosurgery database. While the training tool is designed for general purposes, due to its high clinical relevancy, a particular attention is paid to prostate cryosurgery. Below is a representative screenshot from a recently developed intelligent tutoring system (ITS) [PubMed]:




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This research has been supported, in part, by the National Cancer Institute, NIH Grant # 1R01CA134261