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Ultra-Miniature Wireless Implantable Temperature Sensors


This line of research focuses on the development of ultra-miniature wireless implantable temperature sensors, for the purpose of evaluation and control of thermal surgery. Thermal surgery is the destruction of cancerous tumors by freezing (i.e., cryosurgery) or by heating (hyperthermia at moderate temperatures and thermal ablation at higher temperatures). Thermal surgery is a minimally invasive procedure, where its success is dependent upon the ability to measure temperatures at critical locations and reconstruct the temperature field in real time.


The goal in this line of research is to make temperature-field reconstruction in real time a practical reality. The groundbreaking conceptual design of the new temperature-sensing unit originates from recent advances in electronics fabrication, miniaturization, and wireless communication. The sensing-unit consists of three main components: a temperature-sensing core, a wireless transceiver, and a power link. Below is a picture of a 0.1 mm × 0.4 mm CMOS temperature sensing core:




Selected publications:

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This research has been supported, in part, by the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) NIH Grant # 1R21EB009370