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Simulation Techniques for Cryosurgery


The ability to perform rapid cryosurgery simulations on a spectrum of test cases is critical to facilitate sound decision making associated with medical planning and training. It has been demonstrated recently that GPU-based computation, using C++ accelerated massive parallelism (AMP), enables simulation runtime 90 times faster than actual cryosurgical time, as shown below. Results are shown on already five years old machines, where actual simulation runtime is less than 2 seconds. This achievement is based on an efficient numerical scheme for cryosurgery simulations, which has been perfected for variable space intervals and time steps, using a parallelized computation framework, and an optimized GPU implementation.


Simulated-to-actual cryosurgery runtime ratio, for GPU-based (optimized) and CPU-based (parallelized and optimized) simulations on various platforms PubMed


Related work:

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       Computerized planning of cryosurgery

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This research is supported, in part, by the National Cancer Institute, NIH Grant # 1R01CA134261