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History of Freeland, Pa.
Meat markets and butcher shops

What's on this page:
  • 20th- and 21st-century meat markets and butchers
  • Meat markets and butchers listed in directories and maps, 1900-1940
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Photo at top left of George Domchick in front of his butcher shop comes from Judy Domchick Hall.

Also please visit the grocery stores page, because some grocery stores also employed butchers or in some cases were run by butchers, but sometimes they're not listed in the business directories that way.

George Adamshack Meat Market - 350 Centre St. (formerly the David P. Jones Store) - fresh and smoked meats, canned goods, produce (1922 ad) - fresh fish, frogs, oysters (1925 ad)

Andy Hazara Andy Hazara Andy's Foods - 615 South St., ('53 Minamek), Andy Hazara proprietor, and later Andy's Meat Market, same address, same owner ('64 Minamek; age 33 in 1940 census, from Ed Merrick). Run for a long time by Andy Hasara, famous for his kielbasa. (From Mike Bobby in 2000: My parents lived next to the butcher shop at 615 South Street between Washington and Adams. The gentleman's name was Andrew Hassara and his store was Andy's Meat Market. Andy passed away in 1992 at the age of 86). For some time after that, his daughter still carried on the tradition. See also the Gabuzda Brothers page, last section, for more about Andy and this store. (Photos from John Gabuzda.)Baran's Poultry Market ad, 1948

Baran's Poultry Market - 1138 Schwabe St. - "Open Thurs. & Fri. to 9:00 P.M." (from Ed Merrick, 1948 ads)

Brueninsen Brothers, new meat market, 1922 ad Bott's - Walnut St. (butcher, sold chicken fingers, other meat products)

Brueningsen Brothers - Birkbeck and Walnut streets (Harold Sr. and Walter Brueningsen) - I assume that this was a new or improved department in the Brueningsen's store that was built in 1900. (1922 ad from Ed Merrick)

Joe's Meat Market Joe's Meat
                Market, Chaykowski's Joe's Chaykowski's Meat Market - Centre St., between Carbon & Luzerne Streets (Joe Chaykowski, proprietor; later run by Jack and Fay Cichy) The photo on the left comes from Ed Merrick, and the photo on the right comes from Lisa Chaykowski Merlo. (From Ed Merrick: This is from February 1964 and shows my Dad standing in front of Joe Chaykowski's former store, then being run by Jack and Fay Cichy. The old sign, Joe's Meat Mkt., is still up. In the background is the sign in front of Ostroff's Groceries, Pennsupreme Ice Cream. 18 inches of snow had fallen.) (From Lisa Chaykowski Merlo: My grandfather is Joseph W. Chaykowski, the original proprietor and namesake of Joe's Meat Market on Centre Street. Therefore, if you would like to include the attached image of my grandfather and father, a WWII vet (Joseph A. Chaykowski) standing directly in front of Joe's Meat Market, you have my permission. A little bit of history -- after my grandfather died, my father owned and ran the store for a small time but then gave it to my Uncle Jack Cichy and his wife, Fay to operate until it was sold to the VFW to allow the organization to build a parking lot for their adjacent building. My father was the chief draftsman for KBI in Hazleton, a graduate of MMI and was involved in many Freeland community activities including President of the Freeland Neighborhood Organization (during the 70's), Toastmasters, etc. In addition, he taught a well attended ceramics class, two nights a week (often with my mother, Helen) at the Freeland YMCA until his death in 1976.)

Citterio's - Woodside (Finest Quality Italian Style Meat Products) (from 1986 St. Casimir's booklet via Ed Merrick)

Joe Demilio ad, 1946 Joe Demilio's - 321 Centre St. - Fresh fish (from Ed Merrick, 1946 ad)

De Milio's Food Market - 402 Washington St. - Fresh sea food (from Ed Merrick, 1948 ad)

DiSpirito turkeys ad, 1938 DiSpirito Bros. - 202 Washington St. (from Ed Merrick, 1939; another 1938 ad for home raised and milk fed turkeys) - There was a fire in the DiSpirito Brothers' warehouse in February 1931 (from Charlie Stumpf, 1931 article) - Chicken feed, flour, feed, grain, hay, etc. (1924 ad); plastic garden hoses (1957 ad)

Domchick's also sold fish Domchick's Meats Domchick's Meats Domchick's Meats - 350 Centre St. (George Domchick, proprietor). A 1931 ad advertised various kinds of fish and seafood and the bottom of the ad said "At George's Lunch" [so was there a lunch counter at the shop? - CT] (from Ed Merrick, 1931 ad) These photos and the one at top left come from Judy Domchick, who wrote: "My Grandfather was George Domchick from Freeland who married Elizabeth Wilson (of Alvin Street). He was a butcher by trade. ... My Grandfather is the one in white on the step with hands behind him. ... PapPap had his store when my Dad was a kid (he was born in 1916 so maybe mid 1920's. Don't know if he had it when Dad was born but he told me he used to run deliveries for him to people's houses."

Drasher Turkey Farm adm 1946 Drasher's Turkey Farm - 215 Maple St (from Ed Merrick, 1946 ad)

Druian's Market - 346 Centre St., 301 Centre St., 421 Centre St. (has changed location several times) (Chas. Druian, prop.) - "Mike Kolochi, the well known butcher, has assumed a new position at the Meat Market ..." (1922 ad) - "We buy cow hides, calf hides, calves and chickens (from Ed Merrick, 1935 ad) - Hot sausage blended and mixed by Tony Guzzi (from Ed Merrick, 1947 ad)

Dvorshak's Quality Market - 628 Centre St. (Steven B. Dvorshak, proprietor) (from Ed Merrick, 1922 ad) Thanksgiving ad featured poultry, fruits and vegetables, fancy cakes, canned goods (1924 ad) - And, in 1931 and 1933 ads it was called Dvorshak's Terminal Market (from Ed Merrick, 1931 and 1933 ads)

Evancho's - Vine & Walnut Streets (Joseph Evancho, butcher) retail shop. (age 51 in 1940 Census)

Evancho & Sons Meat Market ad, 1919 Evancho & Sons Meat Market - 533 Fern St. (from Ed Merrick, 1919 ad)

Evans - 705 Front Street, Jonah Evans, butcher, employer (age 70 in 1940 Census)

J. Evans - 611 Centre Street. Fresh and smoked meats. Milton sausage a specialty. (Source: Catholic Reference Book and Parish Register, circa 1924)

Faye's - Centre St., between Luzerne & Carbon Streets - see Joe Chaykowski's Meat Market, above - later run by Jack and Faye Cichy

Freeland Deli & Pastry Shop Freeland Deli & Pastry Shop - Front and Centre streets - "Home of the 1/2 pound halupki" (photo from Ed Merrick) Freeland Poultry Market, 1953 ad

Freeland Poultry Market - 310 Centre St. (Charles Wroblewski, proprietor) - "Top quality, fresh-killed poultry" (from Ed Merrick, 1953 and 1954 ads)

Gabuzda's Gabuzda Bros. letterhead Gabuzda's - 899 Centre St. (Stephen A. Gabuzda, proprietor). See also the Gabuzda Brothers page. Gabuzda Bros., corner of Centre and Chestnut streets, Freeland. Meats, groceries and provisions. (Source: Catholic Reference Book and Parish Register, circa 1924) - Meat tape and letterhead images from Marion (Gabuzda Boyle) Denion.

Gabuzda cattle received, 1943 Gabuzda's Meats and Groceries - 633 Centre St. (George Gabuzda, proprietor) ('53 Minamek) See also the Gabuzda Brothers page. Article at right notes receipt of 60 steers at the Ayrshire Farm near Pond Creek, and reminisces about herds of cattle being driven up Centre or Ridge streets to the Matthias Schwabe stockyard in the early years around 1900 (article from Tom Gabuzda and Marion Denion). Ed Merrick comments: I looked more closely at the two photos of George Gabuzda in the store and would like to point out an interesting detail: In the photo on the left, notice the claw hook dangling just about George's hat. It is attached to the beam scale above. When the meat provision companies from Hazleton delivered a side of beef to the store, the beef was hung on the claw and weighed. Notice the weights on the scale above George. I would guess that the room-like structure with the window behind him is a walk-in cooler, where the side of beef was stored until George cut it up. We had both items in our store at 355 Center Street and bought our beef from C&R Provision Company in Hazleton. I spent many an hour with frozen hands trimming meat from bones, which I then ground up into hamburger. Every week, what we called the tallow company would arrive to pick up the fat and the bones we had trimmed and hadn't sold for making soup, weigh the lot, and pay us for the trimmings. During World War II, the fat and grease that housewives brought in was collected and used for making explosives.

Johnny's Meat Market - 350 Centre St.

Lenny's Cash Stores, Meats and Groceries Store - Fern St. (also his motor stores) (from Billy Kuklis, 1932 FPD Ball program)

Clem Lekitski's Meats and Groceries - 1133 Birkbeck St. (Clem Lakitsky/Lekitski, proprietor) (undated advertising picture poster, from Joe Moore)

Lokitsky Meat Market ad, 1922 Andrew Lokitsky - 559 Washington St. - Big Grand Opening at the Cottage Hotel, March 17, 1922 (from Ed Merrick, 1922 ad and article)
(From Ed Lakitsky: I notice your article on Hass Hall in Freeland. Andrew and Katie Lakitsky purchased the Cottage Hotel around 1917 (I have the deeds) and operated a rooming house, butcher shop and maybe a saloon. Before that a John Fisher owned what is now the garages which were horse and stables behind the present day cottage hotel, that I understand from my aunt is where they kept horse sleds for travel in the snow. The big dining room on the south side of the cottage hotel, from the Hass and Fisher days of ownership, was removed in a boundary dispute when Fisher sold the hotel to my grandfather around 1917.)

Michael Masley, Groceries and cold meats - 457 Hemlock St., at South & Hemlock Streets (from Billy Kuklis, 1932 FPD Ball program)

Site of Merrick's Food Market Merrick's Food Market - 355 Centre St. (Anthony Merrick, proprietor), photo at left (From Ed Merrick: Before he opened the store in 1950, my dad had a store-on-wheels and before that a store in the double home that Butch Sosnowski owned at Washington and Luzerne streets.) See the Tony Merrick page for more.

Billy Nitka's - South St., between Fern and Vine Streets was the most recent location before he closed the store. (From Ed Merrick: Billy Nitka's Quality Meats & Groceries, 511 Fern St. ('53 Minamek). My Uncle Billy had stores at various times all over the place, including one on the Airport Road in Hazleton.) See also the Tony Merrick page, final section, for more info and a photo of Billy Nitka.National Meat Retailers ad, 1926

National Meat Retailers - 540 Centre St. (Anthony Valaika, branch manager) - (previously Peoples Cash Market at this address, 1921 directory) - another National Meat Retailers store at 24 S. Wyoming St., Hazleton (from Ed Merrick, 1926 ad)

Nemish Meat Market Central Hotel building (John Nemish, proprietor) (from Ed Merrick, 1923 announcement, soon to open)

Oslav's - 331 Ridge Street (Andrew Oslav, proprietor, butcher), meat market (age 55 in 1940 Census)

Palsky's Meat Market - 723 Front St. (Anthony Palsky, proprietor)

Palya's Butcher Shop Palya's Meats and Poultry - 452 Centre St. (George Palya, proprietor) This building was later given to his daughter, Helen Palya Bzdil. (From Jack Polachak: Tommy Bzdil who married Helen Palya had Tommy's BBQ Restaurant in the same location prior to the Bzdils' flower store.) See also the Palya's webpage for more information.

Nicholas Polachak, Groceries and cold meats - corner South and Hemlock Sts. (from Billy Kuklis, 1932 FPD Ball program)

Silvasi Meats ad, 1925 Silvasi Meats ad, 1948 Silvasi's Meat Market - 409 Centre St. (Emri Silvasi, proprietor) - Handles the best quality of meats and green truck (1924 ad) (from Ed Merrick, 1925 ad) - Fresh, home-made scrapply & pudding, Hurki or Kishka (blood pudding with rice) (from Ed Merrick, 1948 ad) - see also the end of the Gabuzda Brothers page for information and a photo.

Stanley C. "Butch" Sosnowski's - 355 Washington St. (From Ed Merrick: He also delivered with a horse-drawn wagon. My dad rented this double house at the corner of Washington and Luzerne from Butch after World War II and operated a store there for a few years.) - listed at 334 Washington Street in 1940 census, butcher, grocery. See the Tony Merrick page for more about the Sosnowski butchers and a photo.

Weiss Meat Market, 1948 ad Turri Meat Market - S. Centre St. (from Ed Merrick, who added: A story from 1939 told of an apprentice meat cutter there slicing off the tip of a finger.)

Harry Yoch Meat Market Weiss Meat Market - 611 Centre St. - John Weiss - "Notice! My Meat Market will be open for business on Thursday, Sept. 30, with a full line of choice meats" (from Ed Merrick, 1948 ad)

Harry J. Yoch Meat Market - 628 Centre St., next door to the Central Hotel.  This image at right came to me from Ed Sharp. A friend of his had sent him a photocopy of an old photo of the Central Hotel, and in this detail shown next to the hotel is Harry Yoch's meat market, which was listed in the 1917 phone directory. How I wish we had a clear copy of this photo! On the building at right there are signs for "Mutt & Jeff - Mexico" and "Harry J. Yoch Meat Market".

Yoch Delicatessen - 723 E. Front St. (Mrs. Harry J. Yoch, proprietor) - Grocery and delicatessen.

Meat markets and butchers listed in directories and maps, 1900-1940

1900 Sanborn Fire Insurance Co. map
Armour's Beef Storage

1900-1901 city directory
Meat stores in business listings:
Evans, Jonah, meat market, Centre
Evans, J., meats, Freeland
Fisher, George, meat market, Walnut
Freeland Beef Co., G. S. Christian, Mgr., cor. Washington and R. R.
Hartman, Geo. H., meats, Centre
Hudock, Stephen, meats, Centre
Sosnowski, Jacob J., meats, cor. Luzerne and Washington

1905 Sanborn Fire Insurance Co. map
Armour's Beef Storage

1912 Sanborn Fire Insurance Co. map
Armour Chicago Beef Warehouse

1912 telephone directory
Armour & Co, Geo Christian, Mgr Washington
Evans Jonas, Meat Market Centre
Millhopper Packing Co, Meats Sandy Run
Palya George, Butcher Centre
Silvasi Emri, Butcher Centre

1917 telephone directory
Meat stores in general listings:
Dietrich, Wm. A. & Co., meats, 346 S. Centre
Evans, Jonah, meats, 611 Centre
Fox, Fred, meats, 732 N. Centre
Gabuzda, Stephen, butcher, 902 N. Centre
Palya, George, butcher, 452 Centre
Silvasi, Emri, meats, 409 Centre
Sosnowski, Jacob, meats, 355 Washington
Yoch, Harry J., meats, 628 Centre

1921-22 city directory
Meat stores in business listings:
Druian, Charles, meats, 346 Centre
Dvorshak, Steven B., grocery and meats, 628 Centre
Evancho Bros., grocery and meats, 533 Fern
Evans, Jonah, meats, 611 Centre
Gabuzdza Bros., meats, Centre cor Chestnut
Mellet The Meat Man, meats, 616 Centre
Oleyar, Michael, grocery and meats, 427 Centre
Palya, George E., grocery and meats, 452 Centre
Pecuch, Michael, grocery and meats, 337 Centre
Peoples Cash Market, meats, 540 Centre
Yoch, Harry J., Mrs., grocery and delicatessen, 723 E. Front

1928-29 city directory
Meat stores in business listings:
Domshik, George, meats, 350 Centre
Druian, Charles, meats, 301 Centre
Dwodshak, Stephen B, meats, 628 Centre
Evans, Jonah, meats, 611 Centre
Lakitski, Andrew, grocery and meats, 559 Washington
Oleyar, Michael, grocery and meats, 427 Center
Palya, George E., meats, 452 Centre
Silvasi, Emri, meats, 409 Centre
Sosnowski, Stanley, meats, 355 Washington

1940 city directory
Meat stores in business listings:
Chaykowski, Jos W, meats, 353 Centre
Evans, Jonah, meats, 611 Centre
Gabuzda, Geo J, meats, 633 Centre
Oleyar, Michael Estate, grocer, meats, 427 Centre
Palsky, Anthony, meats, 723 Front

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