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History of Freeland, Pa.
Grocery stores

What's on this page:
  • 20th- and 21st-century grocery stores
  • Grocery stores listed in directories and maps, 1900-1940
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Photo of a shopper in front of John Grega's grocery store came from John Zubach.


The neighborhood grocery stores were the backbone of Freeland. They were distributed throughout town and all carried staples plus various kinds of produce, meats, bakery items. A number of the smaller stores were in the front parts or bottom floors of peoples' homes. The men and women who waited on customers were familiar, welcoming faces. They helped to make Freeland a close-knit community.

Thanks to Charlie Reczkowski, Charles Rudewick, Mike Bobby, Denise Boyer, Jack Polachak, Ed Merrick, Don Snyder, Mary Ann Rosetta Schaeffer, Leslie Robin, Mark Sheaman, Jack Opilla, Carolyn Moering, Pat Ferko Miller, Ed Kushma, Austin Kerr, Barbara Opilla Gadola, George Feussner, Eddie Barna, Jolene Lavinka Szymanski, Lisa Chaykowski Merlo, Tina Velgus, Chris Grega, George Opilla, Karl Krone, Billy Kuklis for additions and corrections.

Information in parentheses from Catholic Reference Book and Parish Register, circa 1924 come to us from Ed Merrick, as does information from the 1940 Federal Census. Regarding the census information, in some instances it's not clear whether the individual named was the owner/proprietor of the store or an employee, and some of the addresses from the census might be home addresses rather than business addresses. Ed adds: The handwriting was hard to decipher in many instances, and so corrections are welcome. Many of the businesses have been in the same family for years, and so the first names may differ in earlier or later years.

This is an incomplete list. Late 19th-century and early 20th-century stores will be listed on another page. I would be very grateful for additions and corrections, and also for 21st-century businesses to add to this list - please send suggestions. Thank you!

Acme Food - Centre & Main Streets

American Store ad, 1919 American Food Store - 503 Centre St. (from Ed Merrick, 1919 ad; another ad 1924)

Andy Ambrosi's - 99 Washington Street, Foster Township (near MMI, in the alley off Washington St.) (Andrew Ambrosi, proprietor) groceryman, private store (age 29 in 1940 Census)

Sharp's and the A&P, possibly late 1930s
A & P
- Front & Washington Streets (previously at old PP&L site on Centre & Walnut Streets) - This old postcard image likely dates to soon after the A & P was opened in 1938 at the site of the former Opera House and Krell's Hall. The postcard comes from Joanne Grosso (cropped detail).

Acme Food - Centre & South Streets

Anthony's - Anthony's grocery store, mid-1950s Some months ago I heard from Charlie Rudewick. He wrote:
I recently found this photo of Anthony's Store (from around mid-1950s) located at 718 Walnut St. They sold candy and some pet stuff. I bought some tropical fish and a hamster from them.

When it was "Anthony's" it was owned by Willam Job Anthony and his Wife, V. Zitella Anthony. At one point, either before or after Anthony's ownership, it was Fritz's Store.

… Anthony's lived at 722 (we lived at 712 and they were on the same side of the street as us). Fritz was Zitella's maiden name and her brother and sister-in-law lived next door to them (720 Walnut). The Fritz's had a son, Mervin, who is/was my age and I think they ran the store for a while. The Fritz's moved away in the mid '50s and then the Anthony's son William moved in the Fritz house, next to Mom & Dad. (Thank you to Charlie Rudewick for this memory.)

Bove's Super Market - 501 Centre St. (From Eddie Barna: Another super market in town was Bove's Super Market at 501 Centre Street. Bove's also had stores in Hazleton during the 1950's. Prior to Bove's, there was an Acme Super Market at this location during the 40's and early 50's. After Bove's, the building was empty for a period of time and then opened as a laundermat, dry cleaning business and antiques store by John Yagalla.)

Branz's - 511 Fern St., Leonard Branz proprietor(age 34 in 1940 Census)

                Grocery Brueningsen's
                Grocery Brueningsen's - 800 Birkbeck St. Bobby Maso wrote an article about this business for the Standard Speaker, published 1-11-2009. He noted that the store on Birkbeck Street was built in October of 1900 and the store was opened by August Harold Brueningsen. His two sons, Harold Sr. ("Pud") and Walter ("Yop") worked at the store almost from its beginnings. Maso said that August might have had a produce stand at the Central Hotel as far back as 1896, and that Brueningsen's was the first local grocery to have a store on wheels, serving Freeland, Eckley, Highland and Upper Lehigh. They eventually opened a second, smaller store in Upper Lehigh, which I remember from my own childhood visits there. The Upper Lehigh store closed in 1982 and the main store on Birkbeck Street closed on Sept. 20, 1986.

Capece Grocery token Capece Grocery token Butchko's - South St. (Michael Butchko, proprietor)

Capece's Grocery - 226 Ridge St. (Michael Capece, proprietor)

George Cheppa's - 1120 Walnut St.

The Corner
                Market food sack The Corner Market Corner Store - 532 Ridge St. (Charlie & Margaret Reczkowski, proprietors)  ('54 Minamek)

CT: The Corner Store, later The Corner Market, was run by Reczkowskis there on Ridge and Main streets since 1951, before Charlie was married. It was founded by the 3 brothers, then Charlie ran it later with his wife Margaret with help from their children, and most recently it was run single-handedly by daughter Mary Ann after her parents' passing. Sadly, the store closed in January 2011, and now all 5 members of the family have passed on. This was the lone surviving small grocery from a time when there were such stores in every neighborhood in town. We miss this longtime local landmark, with its good catering, dependability and friendly service. I saved a food sack from a purchase, on which Charlie had done his usual pencilled figuring to determine the amount owed, the bag also doubling as a receipt. This used to be common practice in these small groceries when I was a kid, but now is rarely seen.

There had been grocery stores on this site since at least 1895. In the 1920s Joe Ranieri bought it, built a new building (still standing today) and operated a store there. I don't know who had it before or immediately after him! I do remember Charlie telling me that Billy Nitka had a store there for awhile before the Reczkowskis. From Ed Merrick: “The Corner Store, small grocery business operated at the corner of Ridge and Main streets by Joseph Machella, has been purchased by Billy Nitka, local A. and P. employee, it was reported last night.” (from Ed Merrick, 1950 notice) So we know that Joseph Machella also had a store there. And maybe one or several others, too. Probably the longest-standing grocery store location in Freeland's history.

Diamond Tea & Coffee Co. - 413 Centre St. - products include many kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables, cakes, pretzels and candies (1924 ad)

Drauschak's - 923 Schwabe St. (George (Juri in Slovak) Drauschak, proprietor) (in some directories, 925 Schwabe) (age 25 in 1940 Census)

Druian's Market, 1935 ad Druian's Market - (Louis Druian, proprietor) 301 Centre Street; in the 1940 census, listed at 98 Washington Street, Foster Township, private business, Louis Druian age 29 in 1940 Census (1935 ad from Ed Merrick)

Dvorshak's Terminal Market / Quality Market - 628 Centre St. (1922 and 1933 ads from Ed Merrick)

Faye's - Centre St., between Luzerne & Carbon Streets - see Joe Chaykowski's Meat Market, above - later run by Jack and Faye Cichy

Food-Mart, Centre Street Food-Mart - 624 Centre Street [former site of Genetti's]

H.W. Fritz - 718 Walnut Street, Freeland. Grocer. (Source: Catholic Reference Book and Parish Register, circa 1924)

Gabuzda Bros. Grocery - 899 Centre St. - Stephen Gabuzda, proprietor, with George Gabuzda) - See the Gabuzda Bros. webpage for more.

George Gabuzda Grocery - 633 Centre St. - See the Gabuzda Bros. webpage for more.

Gallagher's - Centre & Luzerne Streets ; in 1940, 359 Centre Street (James Gallagher, proprietor), merchant (age 69 in 1940 Census)

Genetti's, 1966 Genetti's, Feissner's, Fairchild's between the banks Genetti's - Centre St. - Genetti's: D. Genetti's Sons Inc., modern super markets, Hazleton-Freeland-Tamaqua (1954 Minamek); "52nd year in the food business." (1953 Minamek) - Photo at right by Ed Merrick, 1966 (cropped detail)

Guzak - 435 South Street, Michael Guzak, retail grocery (age 59 in 1940 Census)

Haines's - 301 Washington St.

Hawk's - 437 Alvin Street (Charles E. Hawk, proprietor; listed in the 1928-1929 Freeland directory under Grocers) (From his son, Barry Hawk: My Father had a grocery store on Alvin Street.  I don't remember when he opened it, but I know he closed it around 1939, due to the depression. He had a lot of people on the books and just couldn't continue to let people charge. He opened another Grocery store in Conyngham, Pa. about 10 years later and operated it until about 1965, 364 days a year; he was closed Christmas Day.) (From Chris Grega: I was down the Public Park last night and talked with a lady who said her grandparents had a store on Birkbeck St. during the depression. Somewhere near the old livery stable. It was called Hawks.)

Herkalo's - 904 Center St. (From Billy Kuklis: They had good penny candy there, I used to stop there after school.)

Hindson's Quality Market ad, 1965 Hindson's Quality Market - 984 South St. - Cold cuts, groceries, produce, ice cream, also Kodak film (from Ed Merrick, 1965 ad)

Hoffman's (or Huffman's?) - 997 Walnut St. (From Don Snyder, via Ed Merrick: The proprietor was Albert Hoffman, but the store was run by his wife, Sarah, and her sister, Mary Ann) (From Jolene Lavinka Szymanski: When my grandparents lived on Walnut Street, my sister and I visited them in the summers and we played with many neighborhood kids who lived near or on Walnut Street. My grandparents were very strict about what we did. Hoffmanns or "Hoffies" was a hangout - great ice cream and "penny candy.") (From Karl Krone: Hoffman's store under businesses is misspelled. I clearly remember that it was Huffman's.)

Joe's Motor Stores (location unknown, 1933 ad from Ed Merrick)

Johnson's - 1129 Birkbeck St. (James M. Johnson, proprietor) (This store later became Spock's, probably in the 1940s.)

Kislan's - 308 Oak St. (From Billy Kuklis: Did you know there was a small grocery store located on Oak Street? It was owned and operated by Frank and Eva Kislan sometime in the early 1960's. I remember it because we used to live on Ingham Street.)

Anthony Kuklis, Cigars, candy, soft drinks - Birkbeck St. (from Billy Kuklis, 1932 FPD Ball program)

Adam Latz's - 947 Ridge St.

Lenny Lenhart's - 443 Center St. (From Jack Polachak: building was previously Hymie Kline's clothing store) [CT: Is this the same Lenny that had Lenny's Cash Stores on Fern St.?]

Lenny's Cash Stores, Meats and Groceries Store - Fern St. (also his motor stores) (from Billy Kuklis, 1932 FPD Ball program) [CT: Is this the same Lenny that had Lenny Lenhart's at 443 Centre St.?]

Letchak's fruit store - 721 Main St.

Letchak's grocery store - 440 Cedar St., at Cedar & South Streets

A. Lipshutz – 353 Centre St. – Produce store and bake shop, soon to open (from Ed Merrick, May 28, 1923 announcement) - Moving from 521 Centre, which was taken over by Barney Mason grocery?

Masley's grocery store - 457 Hemlock St., at South & Hemlock Streets, entrance on South St. (Mike and Mary Masley, proprietors) - Michael Masley, Groceries and cold meats, corner South and Hemlock Sts. (from Billy Kuklis, 1932 FPD Ball program)
(From Mary Ann Rosetta Schaeffer: My Uncle Mike Masley lived at 457 Hemlock St. & South St. and he and his wife Aunt Mary had a grocery store at their home for many years.  My Mom, Helen, remembers it as her family lived next door to them. My Mom then was a widow with a family.  They used to help my grandmother out with food. My Mother remembers the store being there before l934 as that's when she got married and lived with her Mother there, I would think in the l920's)

Mason Grocery grand opening ad, 1922  Mason Grocery ad, 1923Barney Mason Grocery Store - 521 Centre St., formerly the Lipshutz Quality Grocery - fresh fruit and vegetables, fancy cakes, canned goods - Grand Opening ad 5-4-1922 (from Ed Merrick, 1922 and 1923 ads)

Site of Merrick's
                Food Market Merrick's Food Market - 355 Centre St. (Anthony Merrick, proprietor), photo at left (From Ed Merrick: Before he opened the store in 1950, my dad had a store-on-wheels and before that a store in the double home that Butch Sosnowski owned at Washington and Luzerne streets.) See the Tony Merrick page for more.

Mesko's - South & Hemlock Sts. (Steve and Mary Mesko, proprietors) (From Ed Kushma: There was a small food store - Mesko's  …  I worked there for a couple of years when I was in school during the late 50's. The store was run by Mrs. Mesko while Mr. Mesko drove a mobile grocery bus in the area.)

Neune's - Ridge St. below Luzerne St.

Billy Nitka's - South St., between Fern and Vine Streets was the most recent location before he closed the store. (From Ed Merrick: Billy Nitka's Quality Meats & Groceries, 511 Fern St. ('53 Minamek). My Uncle Billy had stores at various times all over the place, including one on the Airport Road in Hazleton.) See also the Tony Merrick page, final section, for more info and a photo of Billy Nitka. For a brief period he also had a grocery at the site of what was later The Corner Store on Ridge and Main.

J. H. Norris Grocery and Dry Goods Store - corner Walnut & Washington Sts., formerly the Henry George Grocery (1924 ad)

Novotnak's Grocery - northwest corner of Fern and Main Streets? (From Eddie Barna: I believe it was John Novotnak and his wife that ran it during the 50's and early 60's.) ; earlier: 1301 South Street (George Novotnak, proprietor) retail store, home at 426 Green Street (age 36 in 1940 Census)

Ad for Oleyar's from 1921 directory Ad for Oleyar's from 1928 directory Oleyar's - 427 Centre St. (Michael Oleyar, proprietor) (1921-22 and 1928-29 city directories) The expanded offerings listed on the longer 1928 ad suggest that the store did well and expanded after the shorter 1921 ad was published in the 1921 city directory.

Oleyar's - 533 Vine Street, (Frank Oleyar, proprietor) grocer, grocery store (age 40 in 1940 Census)

Omaska's - 802 Ridge St. (Michael Omaska, proprietor)

Opilla's Fine Foods - 984 South St., later moving to 348 Park St. (Michael (Buck) Opilla, proprietor) (From Jack Opilla: My Mother Elizabeth and Father Michael (aka Bucky) operated Opilla's Fine Foods from 984 South Street and moved to 348 Park Street in 1953 ( technically Foster Township). There was a small grocery  store and a bus my Father converted to a store on wheels. His route was Eckley  and the Jeddo's. The bus was the first to have both a refrigerator and freezer. When he retired, he sold the bus but kept the store. He continued to make small  deliveries by car to mostly his old customers in Jeddo.) (From Barbara Opilla Gadola: My uncle, Michael (Buck) Opilla, had his first grocery store that I can remember on South St between Vine and Fern St just below the St. John's Nepomucene RC Church. He then built a new home on Park St. and his grocery store was in the lower level of that house. He also had a store on wheels which was a converted passenger bus. He served many "patch" towns on his route and also made grocery deliveries in his station wagon to the elderly and shut-ins.) (From Pat Miller: Opilla....Small store on wheels. A converted bus...a big orange bus.) (From George Opilla: My Dad's store was first located on South Street and later on Park Street in Freeland. ... About Michael (Buck) Opilla: even my own mother never called him Michael.)

Site of Ostroff's
                Food Market Ostroff's Food Market - 337 Centre St., between Luzerne & Carbon Streets (Michael Ostroff, proprietor) ('51 Minamek)

Amandus Oswald - 702 Centre St. - dry goods and grocery - Oswald was in the grocery / general store business for 44 years; he came to Freeland in 1884 and opened a small store at 79 S. Centre St. (current address numbering 441 Centre), moving after a few years to Centre and Front Sts (702 Centre), where he had a brick building erected; at that time, his business was considered the largest on the north side, "and through the years of the anthracite coal strikes, he carried many miners' families through many payless weeks." He was an active participant in many aspects of community life in Freeland. (from Mary Rosenkrans and Charlie Gallagher, 1941 obituary)

George E. Palya - 452 Centre St. - Meat market and quality food store (from Billy Kuklis, 1932 FPD Ball program) - See the Palya webpage for more.

Pernitza Grocery - Main St. - Thomas Pernitza, formerly of Drifton, bought a building on Main St. for his grocery business and has purchased a Buick delivery truck from Buick agent John Gallagher (1923 newspaper notice)

Petchel's Grocery ad, 1923 Petchel's Grocery - 337 Centre St. (from Ed Merrick, 1919 and 1923 ads)

Nicholas Polachak, Groceries and cold meats - corner South and Hemlock Sts. (from Billy Kuklis, 1932 FPD Ball program)

Quinn's - Washington St., below Carbon St.

Ravina's - 302 Ridge St. (John and Emma Ravina, proprietors) (From Eddie Barna: He was a brother to Leo, my wife's grandfather.) - 230 Ridge St. (1956 ad)

Reese's - 901 Centre St. , corner of Centre and Chestnut streets  (Catharine (Kate) Reese, proprietor) (From Carolyn Moering: Catharine (Kate) Reese, widow of David Reese, eldest daughter of Julius and Mary Fox, purchased the property at 901 Centre St. - I would guess early 1920's - rented out apartments and also resided there. They opened a grocery/general mdse store in the front part of the first floor, selling bakery items from J. Fox & Sons, penny candy, etc.)

Repetz's - corner of Ridge & Walnut Streets

Michael Robin's Corner Store - 604 Vine St.

Sandora Brothers Fine Foods - 984 South St. ('53 Minamek)

ShurSave Super Market - Front & Graham Streets

Sipple's Grocery - 329 Centre St. (from Ed Merrick, 1946 ad)

John Spock and Sons, Groceries John Spock and Sons, Groceries - 1129 Birkbeck St. (John Spock and Sons, Groceries ('53 Minamek), John Spock Sr., proprietor) (From Denise Boyer, granddaughter of John Spock: My mom said Spock's grocery used to be Johnson's. Mom says they are from Sandy Run and my grandfather took over the store about 1941 or 1942. He used to help run Fox's grocery store in Sandy Run.) (Photo provided by Ann Marie Spock.)

(From Tina Velgus: Hello, I was reading your website about the stores in freeland, loved seeing my great grandfather's store on there! I spent my childhood growing up in the store on 1129 Birkbeck St. with my very kind, very sweet and loving aunt Mary (Mary Elizabeth Spock). She was the one who ran the store after the death of her parents and then up until she had gotten sick with cancer and passed away - in 1996 I believe. I was wondering if there was any way you could mention her in the article? She dedicated her entire life to that store and to her family. Anyone alive today who remembers the store will most likely remember her. It would be a fitting tribute to a wonderful woman and would also mean the world to me. Thank you, Tina Velgus)

Swishko's - 307 Alvin Street, Stephen Swishko, merchant, own place (age 48 in 1940 Census)

Opening of Vince's Grocery, 1950 Vince's Grocery ad, 1950 Vince's Grocery ad, 1952 Vince's Grocery - 202 Washington Street (Vince DiSpirito, proprietor) - (from Ed Merrick, 1950 ads at left, and 1952 ad at right) - Jim DiSpirito wrote: "This was my uncle Vince, Packy's brother. He had problems with an illness he contracted in the army, he was in and out of hospitals for quite a while so he opened this store in the feed mill until he was released from the veterans administration. He did quite well there. After he left for the Philly area, my grandparents kept it going. The phone number was theirs. Apparently one ring for the house, two rings for the feed mill. The ad was for a special promotion. Probably a holiday. Neither of us has ever heard of tume, maybe someone can tell us what it is." [I asked the Freeland groups on facebook and learned that tume was a type of Italian cheese. - CT] See more about DiSpirito Bros. Flour and Feed.

Walincrus Grocery opening ad, 1922 Walincrus Market - 1136 Birkbeck Street (William Walincrus, proprietor) - Announcement of the opening of a new meat market and grocery store (from Ed Merrick, 1922 ad)

Yeskewich - 441 Ridge Street, William Yeskewich, grocer, grocery store (age 42 in 1940 Census)

Yoch Delicatessen - 723 E. Front St. (Mrs. Harry J. Yoch, proprietor) - Grocery and delicatessen.

Adolph Zimmerman Grocery - 700 Main St. (1928-1929 directory; obituary from Charlie Stumpf)

Andrew Zurko Grocery Store ad, 1923
Andrew Zurko Grocery Store – Malloy building, Walnut St. near Centre (from Ed Merrick, 1923 ad)

Grocery stores listed in directories and maps, 1900-1940

1900-1901 city directory
Grocery stores in business listings:
Berner, J. C., groceries and dry goods, Centre
Boyle, W. F., grocer, Walnut
Brunz, Leonard, grocer, Ridge
Brunningson, A., grocer, Walnut
Campbell, Matthew, grocer and confectionery, 112 Centre
Campbell, T., dry goods and groceries, Centre
Capece, Anthony, grocer, 176-178 S. Ridge
Curry, E. J., dry goods and groceries, 91 Centre
George, Henry, grocer, 43 Walnut
Krommes, George, grocery, Birkbeck
Morris, Bernard, grocery, Centre
Norris & Phillips, grocers, 93 Centre
Shambora, George J., grocer, hay, feed and grain, Centre
Wenner, S. & Sons, groceries and dry goods, 125 Centre
Zadra, F., grocer, South

1912 telephone directory
Boyle William P, Grocer – Walnut
Brenz Leo, Grocer – Fern
Fritz H W, Grocer – Walnut
Gallagher Bros, Grocers – S Centre
Gallagher D S, Grocery Store – S Centre
George Henry, Grocer - Walnut
Johnson James, Grocer – S Heberton, Birkbeck
Norris J H, Grocer – cor Front & Centre
Oleyar Michael, Grocer – 120 Centre
Oswald & Son, A, Grocers – Centre

1917 telephone directory
Grocery stores in general listings:
Branz, Leonard, grocer, 511 Fern
Capece, Michael, grocer, 226 Ridge
Fritz, H. W., grocer, 720 Walnut
Gallagher, J. M., grocer, 359 Centre
George, Henry, grocer, 701 Walnut
Johnson, James, grocer, 1131 Birkbeck
Lorenzetti, Frank, grocer, 340 Centre
Norris, J. H., grocer, Front & Centre
Oleyar, Michael, grocer, 427 Centre
Oswald, A. & Son, grocers, 702 Centre
Petchel, Michael, grocer, 337 Centre
Potchner, John, grocer, 1135 Centre
Rockman, S., grocer, 337 Centre

1921-22 city directory
Grocery stores in business listings:
American Stores Co., grocer, 503 Centre
Barrett, Angelo A., grocer, 715 South
Boyle, Connell J., grocer, 727 Walnut
Bran, Leonard, grocer, 511 Fern
Capece, Michael, grocer, 226 Ridge
Co-Operative Store, grocer, 341 Centre
Defalco, Frank, grocer, 451 Ridge
Dennion Bros., grocer, Centre cor Walnut
Dvorshak, Steven B., grocery and meats, 628 Centre
Evancho Bros., grocery and meats, 533 Fern
Fatula, Andrew, grocer, 984 South
Fritz, Herbert W., grocer, 718 Walnut
Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., grocer, 506 Centre
Hayne, Frank, grocer, 301 Washington
Hoffman, Charles, grocer, 1101 Walnut
Lorenzetti, Frank, grocer, 340 Centre
Makuta, John, grocer, 706 Main
Miko, John v., grocer, 356 Washington
Norris, James H., grocer, Walnut cor Washington
Nowak, Leon, grocer, 1113 Walnut
Oleyar, Michael, grocery and meats, 427 Centre
Ostroff & Romasnaski, grocer, 321 Centre
Palya, George E., grocery and meats, 452 Centre
Pappalardo, Salvatore, grocer, 351 Ridge
Pecuch, Michael, grocery and meats, 337 Centre
Reese, David W., grocer, 901 Centre
Saricks, George W., grocer, 801 Birkbeck
Silvasi, Emri, meats, 409 Centre
Yoch, Harry J., Mrs., grocery and delicatessen, 723 E. Front

1928-29 city directory
Grocery stores in business listings:
American Stores Co., grocer, 510 and 733 Center
Barrett, Angelo, grocer, 715 South
Berry, Russell E., grocer, 539 Carbon
Branz, Leonard, grocer, 511 Fern
Capen, Michael, grocer, 226 Ridge
Duda, Mary, Mrs., grocer, 630 Cedar
Freeland Co-Operative Store, grocer, 982 South
Fritz, Herbert W., grocer, 718 Walnut
Gabuzdza Bros., grocer, 833 Center
Gallagher, James M., grocer, 359 Center
Gazak, Michael, grocer, 435 Green
Great A & P Tea Co., grocer, 506 and 732 Center and 502 Washington
Grega, John, grocer, 230 Ridge
Hawk, Charles E., grocer, 437 Alvin
Hayne, Frank, grocer, 301 Washington
Herkalo, Michael C., grocer, 904 Center
Hoffman, Charles, grocer, 1101 Walnut
Karnatski, Charles, grocer, 239 Center
Lakitski, Andrew, grocery and meats, 559 Washington
Latz, Adam, grocer, 802 Ridge
Lesser, Aug. E., grocer, 619 Walnut
Letchak, George, grocer and fruit dealer, 440 Cedar
Lorenzetti, Josephine, Mrs., grocer, 340 Center
Maslay, Michael, grocer, 457 Hemlock
Miko, John, grocer, 356 Washington
Moreira, Anthony, grocer, 356 Ridge
Morris, Petronella, Mrs., grocer, 407 Park
Nitka, Samuel, grocer, 1166 Walnut
Norris, J. H. Estate, grocer, 701 Walnut
Nosal, John, grocer, 402 Washington
Oleyar, Michael, grocery and meats, 427 Center
Ostroff, Michael, grocer, 321 Center
Oswald, Amandus, grocer, 702 Center
Pappalardo, Salvatore, grocer, 351 Ridge
Paris, Anthony, grocer, 716 Ridge
Petchel, Michael, grocer, 337 Center
Polachak, Nicholas, grocer, 1301 South
Ranieri, Joseph (est), grocer, 532 Ridge
Reese, David W., grocer, 901 Center
Robin, Michael, grocer, 604 Vine
Rusinko, Peter P., grocer, 1206 Birkbeck
Sandore, Joseph, grocer, 430 Center
Suppo, Mary, Mrs., grocer, 933 Burton
Zimmerman, Adolph, grocer, 700 Main

1940 city directory
Grocery stores in business listings:
American Stores Co., grocer, 501 Centre
Branz, Leonard B., grocer, 511 Fern
Butchko, Michl, grocer, 1321 South
Brueningsen Bros., grocer, 800 Birkbeck
Cheppa, Geo E, grocer, 1120 Walnut
Drauschak, Mateda Mrs., grocer, 925 Schwabe
Druian, Louis D, grocer, 421 Centre
Fritz, Elbert H., grocer, 718 Walnut
Gabuzda, Stephen A., grocer, 833 Centre
Gallagher, Jas M., grocer, 359 Centre
Genetti's Food Center, grocer, 622 Centre
Great A & P Tea Co., grocer, 704 Front
Gruzak, Michl, grocer, 435 Green
Hasara, Andrew E., grocer, 615 South
Herkalo, Michl C., grocer, 904 Centre
Hoffman, Chas, grocer, 999 Walnut
Johnson, Anna, grocer, 1131 Birkbeck
Lakitsky, Clement, grocer, 1133 Birkbeck
Latz, Adam, grocer, 947 Ridge
Merrick, Anthony J., grocer, 355 Washington
Nitka, Veronica, grocer, 532 Ridge
Novitsky, Anthony, grocer, 107 Centre
Novotnik, Geo F., grocer, 1301 South
Oleyar, Michael Estate, grocer, meats, 427 Centre
Omaska, Michl, grocer, 802 Ridge
Opilla, Michl G., grocer, 984 South
Ostroff, Michl E., grocer, 337 Centre
Pappalardo, Louise, grocer, 351 Ridge
Polya, Jos., grocer, 452 Centre
Quinn, Helen M., grocer, 710 Carbon
Ray, Frank G., grocer, 240 Ridge
Remak, Geo T., grocer, 65 Main, Upper Lehigh
Rodzewich, Wm., grocer, 326 Centre
Silvasi, Emri, grocer, 409 Centre
Turri, Edno, grocer, 409 Park
Turri, Vigilio, grocer, 322 Centre

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