Associate Professor of Economics
Tepper School of Business
Carnegie Mellon University
Tepper Quad, 5228
412 268 6079,

Research Interests

Microeconomics, Market Design, Mechanism Design, Matching, Auctions, Income Taxation


1. Harmful Signaling in Matching Market, Games and Economic Behavior, 80, 209-218; 2013. (Working paper) (Abstract)
-- recipient of the 2nd prize at European Science Days (2010)
2. Preference Signaling in Matching Markets with Peter Coles and Muriel Niederle, AEJ:Micro, 5(2), 99-134; 2013. Online Appendix (Working paper) (Abstract)
9. On Equilibrium in Monopolistic Competition with Endogenous Labor, with Alexander Tarasov and Robertas Zubrickas, Economics Letters, 201, 109774; 2021. (Abstract)

Working Papers

Work in Progress

14. Optimal Mechanisms in Multi-Dimensional Environments (2023) with Ali Shourideh
15. Characterizing Multi-Dimensional Auctions Through Simulations (2023) with James Michelson

Other Research Contributions

Implementation on Multiple and Multi-dimensional Single-peaked Domains, with L. Lokutsievsky, (working paper, 2021)
Targeted vs. Collective Posting on Social Platforms, with A. Nichifor, (working paper, 2015)
Solutions Manual for Vijay Krishna’s Auction Theory Book (2nd ed.), with Jun Xiao (2009)
Orphans and Children Deprived From Parental Care, with Igor Fedukin and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya, CEFIR working papers (2007, in Russian, available upon request)
Collective Action Problem in Revolutions, Best Student Papers NES (2006, available upon request)