15-317 Constructive Logic

Fall 2014
Karl Crary
TR 12:00-1:20
HH B131
Recitation Sec A, Wed 12:30-1:20, SH 222 & GHC 5222
9 units

This multidisciplinary junior/senior-level course is designed to provide a thorough introduction to modern constructive logic, its roots in philosophy, its numerous applications in computer science, and its mathematical properties. Some of the topics to be covered are intuitionistic logic, inductive definitions, functional programming, type theory, connections between classical and constructive logic, logic programming, proof search, logical frameworks.

See Constructive Logic, Fall 2012 for information on a prior version of this course.

What's New?

  • (12/10) Solutions for Homework 10 are now available.
  • (12/9) Solutions for Midterm II are now available.
  • (12/9) Practice final now available. Note that this is from an earlier version of the course in which the material covered was slightly different.
  • (12/3) List of natural deduction rules for linear logic now available. Note that this does not include persistent assumptions or the ! connective.
  • (12/3) Solutions for Homework 9 are now available.
  • (12/2) List of rules for focused linear logic now available.
  • (11/26) Homework 10 now available.
  • (11/16) After the previous correction, the PDF temporarily said that the assignment was due on the 20th. It is actually due on Nov. 27th, before noon, as it said on the website and original PDF.
  • (11/15) There was an error in the first two parts of Task 1 on Homework 9. Please download the corrected assignment. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  • (11/14) Solutions for Homework 8 are now available.
  • (11/13) Homework 9 now available. NOTE: This assignment is due in 2 weeks, on Nov. 27th. However, it does not require any additional material beyond what we've already covered, so please feel free to get started.
  • (11/5) Solutions for Homework 7 are now available.
  • (11/1) The second part of task 4 in homework 8 was not written correctly. It has been removed. Please download the fixed PDF.
  • (10/30) Homework 8, with starter code, now available.
  • (10/30) Solutions for Homework 6 are now available (SML, Written).
  • (10/28) Prolog (1, 2, 3) and Elf (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) files from lecture have been posted.
  • (10/23) Homework 7 now available.
  • (10/22) Solutions for Homework 5 and Midterm I are now available.
  • (10/20) There was a typo in the heading for section 2 of homework 6. The section is worth 25 points total, not 35, since task 2 is worth 25 points.
  • (10/16) Homework 6 now available, with SML starter code.
  • (10/9) Homework 5 now available.
  • (10/8) Solutions for Homework 4 are now available (Tutch, Written).
  • (10/1) Solutions for Homework 3 are now available (Tutch, Written).
  • (9/25) Homework 4 now available.
  • (9/24) Solutions for Homework 2 are now available (Tutch, Written).
  • (9/23) Reminder: as indicated on the schedule, the first midterm is Thu. October 2.
  • (9/22) There was a typo in homework 3 for tasks 4 and 5. It has now been fixed.
  • (9/18) Homework 3 now available.
  • (9/17) Solutions for Homework 1 are now available (Tutch, Written).
  • (9/11) Homework 2 now available. NOTE: submission instructions have changed starting with this assignment.
  • (9/10) The course Piazza has been created. Please enroll.
  • (9/4) Homework 1 now available.
  • (9/3) Starting on Wed. 9/10, recitation B will be held in GHC 5222 instead of GHC 4215.
  • (8/31) Website created.

Class Material

Schedule Lecture schedule, readings, and code
Assignments Assignments, due dates, and policies
Software Proof checkers, language implementations

Course Information

Lectures TR 12:00-1:20, HH B131, Karl Crary
Recitations Section A, Wed 12:30-1:20, SH 222, TBA
Section B, Wed 12:30-1:20, GHC 5222, TBA
Textbook There is no textbook.
Credit 9 units
Grading 40% Homework, 15% Midterm I, 15% Midterm II, 30% Final
Homework Weekly homework is assigned each Thursday and due the following Thursday.
3 late days can be used throughout the semester.
Each late day beyond the 3 free ones will deduct 25% from an assignment's total possible score.
NOTE: Each late day extends the deadline by 24 hours.
Midterm I Thu Oct 2, in class.
One two-sided sheet of notes permitted. Solutions
Midterm II Thu Nov 6, in class.
One two-sided sheet of notes permitted. Solutions
Final TBA.
Open notes.
Home http://www.andrew.cmu.edu/course/15-317/
Newsgroup academic.cs.15-317
Directory /afs/andrew.cmu.edu/scs/cs/15-317/

Teaching Staff

    Office Office Hours Phone Email
Lecturer Karl Crary GHC 9217 Tuesdays 4:00pm - 5:00pm x87687 crary@cs
Teaching Assistant Joe Tassarotti GHC 7713 Wednesdays 1:30pm - 2:30pm in GHC 7713 jtassaro@andrew
Teaching Assistant Evan Cavallo Mondays 3:00pm - 4:30pm in GHC Fifth-floor TA Space ecavallo@andrew

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