This schedule is subject to change, and will likely be updated and altered throughout the semester.

Class Date Lecture Title Weekly Homework
August 31 MVC, Swift, and Xcode Download Xcode 6!
September 7 (No Class) N/A N/A
September 14 Intro to Swift and Making Your First App NONE
September 21 TableViews and Navigation Update to Xcode 7!
September 28 CLASS CANCELED (Due to TOC) NONE
October 5 iOS App Foundations NONE
October 12 UIKit and Programmatic UIs Midterm Project
October 19 Gesture Recognizers Midterm Project
October 26 Animations Midterm Project
November 2 Midterm Presentations Midterm Project Due!
November 9 SpriteKit Final Project
November 16 Parse Final Project
November 23 CoreMotion and UIImagePicker Final Project
November 30 CoreLocation and MapKit Final Project
December 7 Final Project Presentations Final Project Due!


Throughout the semester we will post mini-lectures, called tidbits, which will provide little insights of information into iOS development. If you're serious about becoming an iOS developer, you should definitely read these tidbits, as they may provide you the insight to make professional-level apps.

Tidbit Title Short Description
Git Basics Introduction to version control basics.
Convenience Initializers Helps organize complex initialization.
Optionals A type safety mechanism in Swift.
Running Apps on Hardware Your iOS device can run your apps.
Bridging Swift and Objective-C Swift and Objective-C can be used together in the same app.
Parse A very popular, free Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS).
Multithreading Cocoa Touch's simple notion of threads increase app responsivity.
Test-Driven Development A different way to develop that ensures program correctness.
Command-Line Swift Swift can be used outside of the context of iOS development.