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User Needs

For an aerobics instructor, the most significant, all-encompassing need was that need that any new change in their routine or device they incorporated would have to improve the class for the students, or they would not want to make the effort to change their routine.

Other significant needs we discovered and focused on were:
  • Teachers need to feel safe and confident that they could:
    • Lead class without making mistakes
    • Watch the class members to keep them safe
    • Stay on beat, do steps correctly, without messing up
  • They could use to have greater control over the music to give them:
    • Better communication for students to hear their instructions
    • Better interaction and relationship with the class through a more customized way to learn routines and communicate with students
  • Teachers want their classes to run smoothly and without interruption, so a product should:
    • Not be mimicked disruptively by the class
    • Not distract the teacher
    • Be accessible from anywhere, quickly

agata adamowicz | rebecca katterson | timothy kelly