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Final Product Overview

In summary, The Mueva Digital Music System is composed of three interchangeable pieces, a pair of wrist-worn remote controls, a hand-held console, and a ceiling mounted projector. These pieces are available in any combination to the user in order for them to customize the system to the needs of their specific situation.

Before the instructor begins class, they use the hand held console to set what the wristbands will control during the workout. One of the wristbands is recommended to control the volume. The other can be set, while still attached to the console, to control the beats per minute of a song, scroll through play-lists, or scroll through individual songs of a play-list or album. This ability to customize addresses the user's need to feel secure as they take control of how they use the product. The options available to them also attempt to give them a way to achieve greater clarity and communication in their classes.

Once these controls are set, the instructor will put the wristbands on and begin their routine. The form of the wristbands is derived from the user's need for comfort and convenience and a motion that feels natural to them. The quick turning motion we have chosen does not appear to be disruptive or confusing if mimicked by the class, another important need of the user.

The wristband remote controls operate by squeezing and rotating the physical wristband. There are touch sensors on the inside of the wristband, which only operate when it is both squeezed and rotated, to avoid unintentional operations. The gradient of rectangles on each wristband ensures that the instructor knows which direction of rotation will produce what result at all times.

The hand-held console serves several functions. First of all, it serves as a storage station and charger for the wristbands when they are stored on its arm located on the left side of its body. Another function of the console is that it is used to set the function that the remote control functions to be used during the class. The console is also used to create and edit play-lists as well as upload songs. We used four solid state buttons in our interface, similar to that of an ATM, because we knew something concrete and not too technological would be important for our users to feel confident and safe when using our device. The simplicity of the wristbands also target this need.

The ceiling projector is used primarily to improve the quality of the class for the students. The projector, which can project to one or two walls at both ends of a room, would show any angle of the instructor she desires. This feature allows the students who may be at the back of a crowded class to simply turn around to the screen and get the exact same view of the instructor that those in the front row enjoy. This would also save the instructor time because they would not have to stop the class to catch those people up with the rest of the class.

We hope this gives you a complete introduction into the world of Mueva sound systems. We hope we have provided a product that can make fitness better for all types of people. Feel free to contact us at info@mueva.com

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