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Next we went through a stage of evaluation amongst our group, working out the kinks in our ideas, and then sharing these ideas with members of the class, other students, and members of our user group. Some of the problems we discovered and attempted to solve were:
  • If we use a wristband, how will we deal with sweat?
  • How will we make sure it is not accidentally activated?
  • How will we deal with sweat?
  • What direction does the user put on the wristband, and how do they know which is which?
  • What affordances can we give to the wristband to tell someone to touch and turn it?
  • How extensively should we develop the interface between the user and the music?
  • How many options should be available to the user?
  • How customizable should this product be?
  • Why the name Mueva?
agata adamowicz | rebecca katterson | timothy kelly