overview | user research | preliminary sketches | focus groups | refinement | validation | final design

A Quick Description of our Endeavor

When we were presented with the project of designing a digital music player for people who exercise, we began the project by interviewing possible users, shopping on the web for existing technology, and scanning magazines to make moodboards in hopes of better understanding our target demographic.

We narrowed our user group from people who exercise to women who exercised in their free time, and then after more research, we narrowed this further to aerobics instructors who could use a digital music playing device to lead their classes more effectively, and therefore could eventually benefit the entire class (the secondary users).

The overall goal of the project was to identify a user group who had a need for a digital music player that was not already currently filled, an area in which we could improve. A secondary goal was to learn to be able to identify user needs, whether the users were aware of them or not, and then apply those findings to a viable design within the constraints of imaginatively available technology.

agata adamowicz | rebecca katterson | timothy kelly