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Team KiCK iT Design Process:
Selecting a User Group

Through the initial research conducted by the class, as well as additional research conducted by Team KiCK iT, we identified three primary user groups we thought had the most potential for product development.

These user groups include:
Groups/Families communicating across distances
Groups/Families within the same environment/household
Communication between professionals/caretakers and individuals

Our team chose to focus on families living within the same household as our user group. It is very important that this group maintains consistent, emotional communication. We decided to focus on a product that would help families share experiences and still fulfill their responsibilities outside of the home.

To gain a better understanding of the users within that compose this group, we created a mock family using dolls and a dollhouse as our inspiration. Each team member chose a doll to represent a character in the family. Next, rooms in the dollhouse were decorated according to what we felt each character would want or need in terms of product forms and qualities.

User Information
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