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Project Introduction
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Our Design Process:
Selecting a User Group
Design Intervention
Concept Development
First Iteration
Product Refinement
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Final Product:
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Team KiCK iT: Project Update

Team Kick It is working to develop a interactive wireless product that utilizes third generation technology to connect a community or family.

What's New for the Week of: November December 11, 2001
We laid out our plan for the final presentation and began working on each component.

Goals for the Week of December 4, 2001
Prepare to present A4.

What we accomplished
  • Created diagrams showing the forms, interations and screen interfaces.
  • Presented A4.

For the week of December 11th:
A list of what we want to accomplish for next week.
  • Present A4
  • Prepare Final Presentation.

"And after that, Phi Bar!" - Team Kick it.


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