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Our Design Process:
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First Iteration
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Final Product:
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Team KiCK iT Design Process:
First Iteration - Adeo

Our first iteration of our project is a product network that we call Adeo, meaning to visit in Latin. The network is composed of a home unit (Adeo Home) which stores and organizes the video, audio and handwritten messages that are recorded by a portable device called Adeo. In addition to these main components, there is a wearable earpiece that can record video and sound hands-free, and portable charger that houses the Adeo and the earpiece. The charger also acts as a stand for the device when engaging in a real time conversation where one might not want to hold the device for an extended period.

The goal of this product network is to allow family members to share experiences, send messages and communicate with each other using images, tone of voice, and facial expressions in addition to words. By including both real-time and asynchronous communication, the Adeo network becomes flexible so that it provides access to valuable emotional communication while also providing convenience. The Adeo Home would provide family members with a central place for storing experiences that can be shared again and again. The portable Adeo devices allow family members to stay connected to the family even if they are busy or away from the home.

The following includes our process work in the development of this concept and refined versions of function, form and interface.

Revised Function Listing:

Revision of what the product will do.

First Iteration of Form Concepts:

More Refined Form Developments.
Form Rendering for Mid-Project Critique.

First Iteration of Screen Interface:

Interaction Mapping.
Sketches of Icon Development
Sketches of Screen Development
Exporation of Additional Interaction
Refined Screen Images for Mid-Project Critique.

We also generated more precise scenarios to explore how the product network would be used given the functions it will have.

Refined Scenarios.


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