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Team KiCK iT Design Process:
Final Overview

Team Kick it developed a network of communication products. This network consists of a portable recording and viewing device, a home unit that stores the families collected digital experiences, and a set of interlocking charging cases which allow the family to include as many portable devices as they wish.

We call this product group Adeo. It combines the spontaneity of real-time conversations with the clarity of digital images/video and the shared experience of a family scrapbook or photo album.

The Adeo network would allow families to communicate easily, sharing in experiences they would otherwise miss due to the demands of their personal lives. Our goal is to provide families with a simple way to stay emotionally connected and allow participation in their loved ones' lives despite the responsibilities of their own personal and professional lives.

Images of the Final Forms
Example of Final Main Interface
Example of Final Preview Srceen Interface
Final Interaction Diagram

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