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History of Freeland, Pa.
Pentecostal Mission

On p. 28 of Charles Stumpf's Freeland book there is this paragraph:

"Back in July 1914 the Rev. C. J. Moon came to Freeland. Originally he was to have served as pastor of the Presbyterian church. However, his credentials were rejected. Rev. Moon did [not? - CT] remain in Freeland. For a time he did Evangelistic work in the states of Maryland and Virginia. He died at the age of 46 on June 12, 1916. Early in 1917 Freeland gained a new religious sect, the Church of the Pentecost, which was organized by Mrs. J. C. Moon, widow of Pastor Moon. The mission was located at 704 Main Street. On July 4th 15 members of the new sect were baptized in the Lehigh River, near White Haven."

In the Freeland Borough Directory 1921-1922 there is this listing: Pentecostal Mission - 704 Main.

In The Christian Work and the Evangelist, vol. 78, Jan. 28, 1905 (found via Google), there is this paragraph:

"The Harmony Presbyterian church, Brandt, Pa., Rev. S. H. Moon, D.D., pastor, received eight persons into membership, on profession of faith the first day of this month. This was a part of the fruit of the recent evangelistic meetings conducted by the pastor, assisted by his son, Rev. C. J. Moon, of New York. ..."

Wonder if that's the same Rev. C. J. Moon?

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