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History of Freeland, Pa.
of Freeland in 1897 - names beginning with S

Sachse, Adam, restaurant, 5 Front E, h, w
Sachse, William, printer, 5 Front E, h
Saloski, Adam, miner, 139 Adams, h
Salmon, B. F., draughtsman, Main E near Washington, h
Salmon, Elmer, draughtsman, Washington S near Main, h
Sands, Wilbert, engineer, Front cor Pine, h
Satch, Joseph, laborer, Walnut W, h
Schaar, Annie, domestic, Heberton W, h
Schaar, Sarah, Heberton W, h, widow of Robert
Schack, Anton, cigars and tobacco, Centre cor Walnut, h, w
Schadle, F. W., laborer, 11 Johnson, h
Schadle, Lydia A., dressmaker, 11 Johnson, h
Schaub, Conrad, confectioner, Centre cor Chestnut, h, w
Schaub, George, laborer, Centre near Chestnut, h
Schaub, Martha, Centre cor Chestnut, h
Schilcher, Frank, physician, Centre N near Front, h, w
Schive, William, moulder, Walnut W, h
Schmitt, August, clerk, Ridge cor Luzerne, h
Schmitt, Edgar, student, 23 Washington S, h
Schmitt, Henry, laborer, 84 Washington N, h
Schmitt, J. H., ex-pastor, St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran church, 23 Washington S, h
Schmitt, Lewis, laborer, 84 Washington N, h
Schmitt, Louisa, teacher, 23 Washington S, h
Schmitt, William, teacher, 23 Washington S, h
Schnee, P. N., laborer, Birkbeck end, h
Schnee, Peter, hotel, Highland road, h, w
Schoeller, Christian, bakery, 83 Centre S, h, w
Schriner, August, laborer, Highland road cor Chestnut, h
Schriner, George, hotel, Highland road cor Chestnut, h, w
Schumaker, P. J., brakeman, Birkbeck near Walnut, h
Schwabe, Francis, Heberton W, h
Schwabe, George, foreman, Heberton W, h
Schwabe, Mathias, butcher, Heberton W, h, w
Scott, Manus, laborer, 25 Walnut E, h
Scott, R. K., plumber, 100 Washington S, h
Seesholtz, Charles, tinsmith, 15 Main W, h
Seiberling, James, harness maker, 24 Centre N, h
Seiwell, Beulah, Chestnut W, h
Seiwell, George, laborer, Chestnut W, h
Seiwell, James, saloon, Centre cor Luzerne, h, w
Seiwell, John, laborer, Chestnut W, h
Seiwell, Samuel, laborer, Chestnut W, h
Seiple, Harry, blacksmith, 84 Walnut E, h
Seiple, Katie, 84 Walnut E, h
Seiple, Sanderson, carpenter, 84 Walnut E, h
Seiple, William, painter, 84 Walnut E, h
Senie, Louis, clerk, 26 Centre, h
Senie, Samuel, Phila. One Price Clothing House, 26 Centre, h, w
Sensenbach, Joseph, carpenter, Johnson near Birkbeck, h
Shaffer, John, machinist, Walnut W, h
Shaffer, R. E., painter, Walnut W, h
Shaffer, William, carpenter, Centre cor Luzerne, h
Shambora, Andrew, engineer, 162 Centre S, h
Shambora, Annie, 162 Centre S, h
Shambora, George, bartender, 162 Centre S, h
Shambora, Peter, saloon, 162 Centre S, h, w
Shano, Leopold, miner, 81 Washington N, h
Shano, Sarah, 81 Washington N, h
Shaw, J. J., civil engineer, Chestnut cor Pine, h
Sheaman, Annie E., 77 Centre N, h
Sheaman, G. D., engineer, 77 Centre N, h
Sheaman, Messena, 77 Centre N, h, widow of John
Shekolski, John, miner, Chestnut W, h
Shelly, Emory, butcher, Heberton W, h, w
Shelly, J. F., laborer, Heberton W, h
Shelly, William, engineer, 116 Adams S, h
Shellhammer, Bessie, Main E near Washington, h
Shellhammer, E. B., ice dealer, Main E near Washington, h
Shellhammer, Harry, laborer, 65 Centre N, h
Shellhammer, John, carpenter, Centre cor Luzerne, h
Shemo, John, laborer, 56 South W, h
Shepperly, Charles, wheelwright, 47 Front E, h
Shigo, John, saloon, 132 Centre S, h, w
Shigo, Mary, 126 Ridge S, h, widow of John
Shigo, Susan, 126 Ridge S, h
Shimko, Anthony, driver, 152 Centre S, h
Shinkey, Gordon, engineer, Central Hotel, h
Shoneburger, Frank, clerk, Centre N near Chestnut, h
Shovlin, Hugh, freight agent, L V R R, 179 Washington S, h
Shovlin, Mary, Ridge S, h
Showeras, Adam, miner, 68 Centre N, h
Shuman, Gertrude, domestic, Luzerne cor Centre, w, home in Conyngham
Simon, Henry, clerk, 161 Centre S, h
Simon, Simon, gents furnishings, 161 Centre S, h, w
Sipple, John, telegrapher, 65 Ridge N, h
Sipple, George, tailor, 89 Centre S, h, w
Slattery, J. W., bartender, 98 Centre S, h
Slattery, Thomas, yard master, D S & S, 135 Centre S, h
Smith, Conrad, laborer, Birkbeck end, h
Smith, Gilbert, miner, Washington N end, h
Smith, Irwin, fireman, 22 South W, h
Smith, John, Front W, h
Smith, John, miner, Washington N end, h
Smith, Lizzie, clerk, Centre N, h
Smith, Maggie, Washington N end, h
Smith, Mary, millinery, Centre N, h, wwidow of William
Smith, Thomas, miner, Highland road, h
Schmitt, William, laborer, Highland road, h
Sneddon, Jessie, 20 Walnut E, h, widow of William
Sneddon, John, clerk, 24 Walnut E, h
Sneddon, J. C., clerk, Walnut E near Washington, h
Snyder, Charles, laborer, Weaver, h
Snyder, D. N., hotel, Front E near Washington, h, w
Snyder, Elmer, hostler, Front E, h
Snyder, Emory, laborer, Front E near Birkbeck, h
Sobol, Peter, laborer, 126 Adams S, h
Solomon, L. M., confectionery, 77 Centre S, h, w
Solt, Elizabeth, Weaver, h, widow of Charles
Solt, Sarah H., Washington N near North, h
Solt, William, Sr., laborer, 77 Washington S, h
Sosnowski, J. J., meats, Washington cor Luzerne, h, w
Sperling, Pauline, domestic, Highland road, h
Stahl, Annetta, 127 Centre S, h
Stahl, Ellen, 127 Centre S, h
Stahl, John, laborer, 127 Centre S, h
Stahl, Mary, 127 Centre S, h, widow of John
Stahl, Sophia, 127 Centre S, h
Stanley, John, laborer, 93 Centre N, h
Statz, J. E., pastor, St. John's Roman Catholic church, Ridge cor Luzerne, h
Stehling, Edward, tinsmith, 75 Centre N, h
Stehling, Mary, 75 Centre N, h
Sterner, Annie, Birkbeck near Johnson, h
Sterner, Charles, laborer, Birkbeck near Johnson, h
Sterner, Edward, laborer, Birkbeck near Johnson, h
Sterner, James, laborer, Birkbeck near Johnson, h
Stetskevich, William, clerk, Front cor Pine, h
Stevitz, William, plasterer, Walnut W, h
Stewart, Ellen P., teacher, 8 Walnut E, h
Steward, Henry, brakeman, 57 Front E, h
Steward, L. V., civil engineer, Adams near Carbon , h
Stiles, C. E., laborer, Cunius cor Birkbeck, h
Stinchcomb, George, physician, 20 Centre S, w, home at 116 S Adams
Stolz, Christian, brakeman, 106 Adams S, h
Stroh, C. O., attorney, Birkbeck bldg, w, home at E Main near Washington
Stunz, Henry, shoemaker, Ridge cor Chestnut, h, w
Stuzenski, Anthony, laborer, 176 Ridge S, h
Suchinski, William, miner, Ridge N, h
Superda, Andrew, miner, Fern N, h
Sutton, John, laborer, Highland road, h
Sutton, Mattie, Highland road, h
Swabe, George, laborer, Birkbeck near end, h
Sweeney, Annie, 13 South E, h, widow of Frank
Sweeney, Hugh, miner, 118 Washington S, h
Sweeney, J. F., clerk, Ridge cor South, h
Sweeney, J. J., gents furnishings, 35 Centre S, h, w
Sweeney, J. D. , laborer, Walnut W, h
Sweeney, P. M., bottler, Adams cor Carbon, w, home at N Washington
Sweet, George, miner, Chestnut W, h
Sweet, Jane, Walnut W, h, widow of William
Szwisco, Peter, laborer, 120 Adams S, h

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