Type Systems for Programming Languages, Fall 2008

Course Information

Time: Mon/Wed 12:00-1:20
Room: 4615A Wean Hall
Instructor: Karl Crary
Teaching Assistant: Rob Simmons

Office Hours
Crary: TBD Wean 8127
Simmons: 2-3:30pm Friday Wean 8112

Final Exam
The final exam will be a take home exam that will be available starting the first day of finals period (more details to follow).

Course Schedule & Homeworks


The course studies the theory of type systems, with a focus on applications of type systems to practical programming languages. The emphasis is on the mathematical foundations underlying type systems and operational semantics. The course includes a broad survey of the components that make up existing type systems, and also teaches the methodology behind the design of new type systems.



Benjamin C. Pierce, Types and Programming Languages , MIT Press, 2002.
Robert Harper, Practical Foundations for Programming Languages , Working draft, Fall, 2006.
Benjamin C. Pierce, ed., Advanced Topics in Types and Programming Languages , MIT Press, 2005.


If you don't have the LaTeX proof or code packages, now you do. See the LaTeX page for further tips.

More Books

Glynn Winskel, The Formal Semantics of Programming Languages: An Introduction , MIT Press, 1996.
John C. Reynolds, Theories of Programming Languages , Cambridge University Press, 1998.
John C. Mitchell, Foundations for Programming Languages , MIT Press, 1996.

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