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History of Freeland, Pa.
Trinity Methodist Church

The Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church was built in South Heberton in 1874. At present I have no images of the building. According to notes in Charlie Stumpf's files on local history as well as in his Freeland booklet, the South Heberton Trinity Methodist church was built on Birkbeck Street (about halfway down the hill on the left side of the street) on land donated by Joseph Birkbeck and his wife Elizabeth. It was built under the direction of Rev. John T. Brown, pastor of the Conyngham Methodist circuit, at a cost of $3,077.00. The cornerstone was laid Sept. 20, 1874, and the church opened for services that year without any formal dedication and with a membership of 18 individuals. The first sermon was preached by Rev. Hammer, the Presbyterian minister of the Upper Lehigh church. The first presiding elder was Rev. Buckingham.

The old record book, quoted in a Standard Speaker article from October 21, 1974, described how the building project was funded:
South Heberton, Pa.
March 12, 1874
We, the undersigned, do severally promise to give the amount opposite our respective names to the Board of Trustees, to aid in the erection of a  Methodist Episcopal Church situated on the public road between the residences of Reuben Klinger and William Johnson. All sums pledged in building materials to be delivered on the ground ten days after notice by the building committee; all sums pledged in money of ten dollars or more to be paid as follows; one-fourth when the building is started, one-fourth when the foundation is finished, one-fourth when the building is enclosed, and the balance when it is completed, exclusive of painting and furnishing.
Pioneer ministers were Revs. Gideon Day, G. V. Savidge, R. H. Colburn, Cuddy, and several others. They preached at Upper Lehigh, Highland and Woodside in school houses. Early services were held in school buildings in Upper Lehigh, Highland and Woodside (Freeland).

In 1875 the South Heberton circuit was organized, serving South Heberton, Upper Lehigh, Highland, Sandy Run, Eckley, Jeddo, Ebervale, Harleigh, Milnesville, Humboldt. Rev. John Horning was in charge, assisted by Rev. C. J. Bush.

In September 1894 the Trinity Methodist church building was purchased for a new parish of the Polish Independent Church. It was decided to build a new Methodist church on Main Street in Freeland, which would become the Park United Methodist Church. While the Freeland church was being built, services were conducted in the Lindsay building on the corner of Washington and Front streets. The cornerstone for the new church on Main Street was laid Aug. 18, 1895.

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