Modern Version Control with Git

Spring 2018 Course Schedule

(Lecture content may be subject to change)

Date Lecture Homework Resources
1/18 Administrivia, Version Control Systems, and Git Homework 1 Slides Installing Git git init git clone git log
1/25 Adding Files and Making Commits Homework 2 Slides Atlassian git tutorial git add git commit
2/1 Branches Homework 3 Slides Git branch documentation Pro Git chapter on branching
2/8 No Class
2/15 More Branches and Merging Homework 4 Slides Git Basics: Undoing Things Basic Branching and Merging
2/22 Remotes Homework 5 Slides Git Basics: Working with Remotes Forking a Repo
3/1 Midterm!
3/8 Midsemester Review Slides
3/22 More Remotes and GitHub Homework 6 Slides Remote Branches Tutorial Distributed Git Workflows
3/29 Integration Manager Workflow and Basic Rebasing Homework 7 (in slides) Slides Git Book Chapter on Rebasing
4/5 Interactive Rebasing Homework 8 (in slides) Slides
4/12 Stash, Blame, Undoing, and Visual Git Tools Slides git stash Github: Tracing changes in a file Sourcetree
4/19 Spring Carnival! No Class
4/26 Plumbing and Porcelain Slides Git Book Chapter on Git Internals
5/3 Final


Thursdays 6:30PM - 7:20PM
Hunt Library Cluster


Pro Git by Scott Chacon

Online Git manpages

Autolab course page

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Course Policy

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This course is Pass/No Credit. You must get a 70% to pass.

Lectures are mandatory by StuCo policy. If you are absent from more than two lectures without an excuse, then you automatically fail this course. As lectures are only 50 minutes long, being late by more than 15 minutes counts as an absence. If you have a reasonable excuse for missing or being late to lecture, you must contact the instructor before lecture to be excused.

This course currently has no Piazza or scheduled office hours. You should email the instructor if you have questions about the material or the homework, or if you think the course would benefit from a Piazza or scheduled office hours.

Academic integrity policies apply to this course. Don't cheat.