Maryam Saeedi

Assistant Professor of Economics

Tepper School of Business

Carnegie Mellon University


"Reputation and Regulations: Evidence from eBay," with Xiang Hui, Neel Sundaresan and Zeqian Shen, Management Science, 2016

"Adverse Selection or Moral Hazard: An Empirical Study," with Xiang Hui and Neel Sundaresan, The Journal of Industrial Economics, 2018

"Reputation and Adverse Selection: Theory and Evidence from eBay," Rand Journal of Economics, 2019

"Raising the Bar: Certification Thresholds and Market Outcomes," with Xiang Hui, Giancarlo Spagnolo, Steven Tadelis, Forthcoming at American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, Online Appendix

Working Papers

"Optimal Information Disclosure and Market Outcomes," with Hugo Hopenhayn, R&R at Theoretical Economics

"Optimal Coarse Ratings," with Hugo Hopenhayn

"Dynamic Value Shading," with Hugo Hopenhayn

"Optimal Rating Design," with Ali Shourideh, slides

"Impact of Increasing Hospital Price Transparency: Collusion, Search, and Equilibrium Price," with Elena Prager, Robert Town, slides

Work in Progress

"Market Power in Complex Networks: The Case of Natural Gas Pipelines," with Majid Mahzoon, Ali Shourideh, Thomas Youle

"Recommender Systems as Dynamic Bayesian Persuasion Mechanisms," with Yikang Shen and Ali Shourideh