How Ordinary People Create Extraordinary Products: Merging Strategy, Brand and Innovation.
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Excerpts from "The Design of Things to Come"
Chapter 1: The New Breed of Innovator

Chapter 2: Pragmatic Innovation
                - The New mandate

Chapter 3: The Art and Science of Business

Chapter 4: Identifying Today's Trends
                   for Tomorrow's Innovations

Chapter 5: Design for Desire
                - The New Product Prescription

Chapter 6: The Powers of Stakeholders
                - People Fueling Innovation

Chapter 7: B-to-B Innovation
                - The New Frontier of Fantasy

Chapter 8: Making Decisions for Profit
                - Success Emerging from Chaos

Chapter 9: A Process for Product Innovation

Chapter 10: Creating a Blanket of IP to Protect
                    Your Brand from the Elements

Chapter 11: To Hire Consultants or Build Internally
                  - That is the Question

Epilogue: The Powers of Innovation
              - The New Economy of Opportunity
Epilogue: The Powers of Innovation – The New Economy of Opportunity
“Leonardo da Vinci was part artist, scientist, and engineer. He painted, developed anthropometric data, designed machines for flight, weaponry, mechanical work and more, and even conducted ethnographic-based studies for his work. da Vinci was more than an inventor, someone who painted, or who made discoveries; he has become the symbol of a broader more expansive way of thinking and doing. The term Renaissance man has been used to describe him as a person who was the epitome of a period in time when Europe emerged from the Dark Ages, and his ideas represented a multidisciplinary way of thinking. We are in a new economic age that is in need of a new renaissance in product development, one that leverages multiple minds working in concert. A “Renaissance” image that is more appropriate to our time than “Renaissance man” is that of a “Renaissance team,” a group of people dedicated to making the most of the art and science in all that they create and design. The people highlighted in this book, as the new breed of innovator, understand the power of teams to achieve extraordinary innovation. They were not born innovative, but they learned how to excel as leaders of innovation.”