We introduce a meta approach to thinking about innovation that infuses value into the
inter-relationship between product, customer, company, and brand.

We provide:
  • training workshops and seminars for executives (on-site or off-site)
  • training workshops and seminars for product development teams (on-site or off-site)

Product and Service Development Advice:

  • product team guidance through early product development process
  • feedback and directions for future trends based on market Social, Economic and Technology (SET) Factors
  • feedback and direction for clarity in corporate product capability
  • feedback and direction for product brand analysis and clarification
  • execution of early market and user research and product definition
  • Critique and suggestions for improvement of product and services under development

Corporate and Product Strategy Advice:

  • advice on process, strategy and brand
  • integrating products and services together to create high-value experiences
  • exploration of strategic new business opportunities
  • articulation of brand languages

Our clients include:
Procter & Gamble
International Truck and Engine
RedZone Robotics
New Balance
Ford Motor Company
General Motors
Crown Equipment Corp.
DesignAdvance Systems
Kraft Foods
Industrial Scientific