Fallaw Sowell

Tepper School of Business

Carnegie Mellon University

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The Empirical Saddlepoint Estimator

Electronic Journal of Statistics (Accepted).

Joint with Benjamin Holcblat PDF

Inference for the Linear IV Model Ridge Estimator Using Training and Test Samples

Stats Volume 4(3), (2021).

Joint with Nandana Sengupta PDF

On the Asymptotic Distribution of Ridge Regression Estimators Using Training and Test Samples

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Joint with Nandana Sengupta PDF

A time-dependent model of generator failures and recoveries captures correlated events and quantifies temperature dependence

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Joint with Sinnott Murphy and Jay Apt PDF

Bayesian Inference for ARFIMA Models

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Joint with Garland Durham, John Geweke, Susan Porter-Hudak PDF

The Economics of Commercial Demand Response for Spinning Reserve

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Joint with Michael Fisher and Jay Apt PDF

Resource adequacy risks to the bulk power system in North America

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Joint with Sinnott Murphy, Jay Apt and John Moura PDF

Multimodality Adjusted p**-Formula and Confidence Regions

Econometric Theory (2017).

Joint with Kees Jan van Garderen PDF

Robust Resource Adequacy Planning in the Face of Coal Retirements

Energy Systems (2016).

Joint with Rodger Lueken and Jay Apt PDF

Forecasting Residential Air Conditioning Loads

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Joint with Shira Horowitz and Brandon Mauch PDF

The Hawthorne Effect and Energy Awareness

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Joint with Daniel Schwartz, Baruch Fischhoff and Tamar Krishnamurti PDF

Optimality for the Integrated Conditional Moment Test

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Joint with Wm. Brent Boning

Optimal Tests for Parameter Instability in the Generalize Method of Moments Framework

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Fractional Integration with Drift: Estimation in Small Samples

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Joint with Anthony Smith and Stanley E. Zin

Consumption: Innovation Persistence and the Excess Smoothness Debate

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Joint with Kerry Patterson

Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Fractionally Integrated Time Series Models

Journal of Econometrics, 52, (1992). PDF

Modeling Long Run Behavior with the Fractional ARIMA Model

Journal of Monetary Economics, 29:2, (April 1992). PDF

Evaluating Dimensionality in Spatial Voting Models

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Joint with Keith Poole and Stephen Spear

On DeJong and Whiteman's Bayesian Inference for Unit Roots

Journal of Monetary Economics, 28:2 (October 1991).

The Fractional Unit Root Distribution

Econometrica, 58, (March 1990). PDF

The Asymptotic Distribution of the Ridge Estimator for Linear Instrumental Variables using K-fold Cross-Validation

Joint with Nandana Sengupta (March 2022)

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