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History of Freeland, Pa.
Mining & Mechanical Institute, class of 1954

These MMI photos from the yearbook Minamek come from Ed Merrick, who attended MMI and who was yearbook editor in 1954.

MMI North Side seniors, 1954
MMI 1954 senior class members from the North Side. On Ed's suggestion, the photos have been grouped together for display here, rather than displaying the yearbook pages with individual photos and descriptions.

Ferdinand Barbeito, Joseph Bereznak, Joseph Cusate, Joseph Della Croce, Lawrence Feissner, Edward Ferko, Edward Merrick, Frederick Mitchell, Charles Warner.

MMI 1954 graduation program MMI 1954 graduation program MMI 1954 graduation program MMI 1954 graduation program MMI 1954 graduation program

From Ed Merrick: "I came across my graduation program from MMI in 1954. The board of directors reads like of list of Who's Who in the Hazleton area, and the list of advisory board members is astonishing. I wonder if most people realize what a gem Freeland has in its midst with that school."

MMI Juniors, 1954

MMI Juniors, 1954:

1: William Adams, James Apple, Peter Becker, David Bobby.
2: Denis Brenan, J. Paul Cannon, Charles Cox, Peter Deisroth.
3: Bernard J. Hollod, Andrew Hutnyan, Emil Kasper, Andrew Kistulentz.
4; Eugene Kovatch, Alvan Lynn, Vincent Pastorella, Edward Ravitsky.
5: Robert Sherman, Martin Sokoloski, Hillel Sukenik, Joseph Urenovitch.
6: Joseph Varilla, David Woronoff.

MMI Sophomores, 1954

MMI Sophomores, 1954:

1: Albert Antolick, August Corazza, David Danko, James Dick.
2: Thomas Dulin, Robert Edmunds, Thomas Elias, George Fatula.
3: James Gallagher, David Gicking, Stanley Giller, Paul Greshko.
4: John Kalinovich, Richard Kasaba, John Kislan, Robert Kopski.
5: Thomas Leuthold, John Makuch, Emil Martyak, Edward Nitka.
6: Carl Poppalardo, Samuel Price, Thomas Rossi, Richard Rumbel.
7: Harry Shafer, George Stofan, William Turri, Stanley Warner.

MMI Freshmen, 1954

MMI Freshmen, 1954:

1: Francis Becker, Louis Blaum, Charles Bredbenner, Stanley Bruzgulis, Hugh Cannon.
2: Eugene Carsia, Jeffrey Cohn, William Dyson, Edward Eckerd, Richard Ellis.
3: J. Thomas Engle, Steven Fiore, John Gaudio, Thomas Gillespie, Robert Gornal.
4: Howell Hastie, Edward Herbener, Edward Hoch, Francis Izzo, William Klingerman.
5: John Leacock, Harry Lentz, Angelo Lorenzoni, David McGlynn, William Moses.
6: John Orr, Anthony Pitman, Paul Rossi, Daniel Schutter, David Schutter.
7: Saverio Senape, Edward Steckert, Girard Stish, William Superdock, John Timony.
8: Walter Tunnessen, Thomas Welsko, John Yamulla.
9: Stanley Zdep, Jon Zeisloft, John Znachko.

MMI Varsity Basketball team, 1954

MMI Varsity Basketball team, 1954:

Front: Stanley Giller, Edward Ferko, Frederick Mitchell, Daniel Kostick, Thomas Elias, William Turri, James Gallagher.
Rear: Vincent Pastorella, Lawrene Feissner, Denis Brenan, Joseph Urenovitch, Alvan Lynn, Carl Poppalardo, coach Albert P. Goedecke.

MMI Junior Varsity Basketball team, 1954
MMI Junior Varsity Basketball team, 1954:

Front: Louis Blaum, Edward Ecker, John Kislan, John Timony, Steven Fiore.
Rear: David Gicking, Eugene Carsia, John Znachko, William Klingerman, David McGlynn, Edward Herbener, Stanley Giller.

Ed wrote: Thanks to Jack Timony for the IDs on the 1954 jayvee picture because there weren't any in the yearbook. I knew just three, but Jack knew them all.

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