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History of Freeland, Pa.
Mining & Mechanical Institute, class of 1953

These MMI photos from the yearbook Minamek come from Ed Merrick, who attended MMI and who was yearbook editor in 1954.

MMI North Side seniors, 1953 MMI North Side seniors, 1953 MMI 1953 senior class members from the North Side. On Ed's suggestion, the photos have been grouped together for display here, rather than displaying the yearbook pages with individual photos and descriptions.

Frank Adomshick, Thomas J. Anthony, William L. Blose, Michael A. Citro, James M. Corrigan, Julius A. Herbener, John J. Hollad, William J. Jeziorski, Thomas J. Malek, Robert E. Ostroff, James H. Rohland, Ralph A. Romeo, John J. Shane, Robert E. Sharp, Malen J. Smith, William J. Swankosky.

MMI juniors, 1953

MMI 1953 junior class.

MMI sophomores, 1953

MMI 1953 sophomore class.

MMI freshmen, 1953

MMI 1953 freshman class.

MMI Varsity Basketball team, 1953

MMI Varsity Basketball team, 1953.
Daniel Kostick, Ralph Romeo, Michael Citro, Lawrence Feissner, Robert Ostroff, Denis Brenan, Alvan Lynn, Thomas Anthony, Robert Sharpe, Joseph Urenovitch, James Fischer, coach Albert P. Goedecke.

MMI Junior Varsity Basketball team, 1953

MMI Junior Varsity Basketball team, 1953.
Front: Joseph Varilla, Edward Ferko, Denis Brenan, Peter Becker, John Kislan.
Rear: William Turri, Joseph Urenovitch, Alvan Lynn, Frederick Mitchell.

Albert Goedecke, MMI 1953 Joseph Saricks, MMI 1953

Albert P. Goedecke, social studies, physical education, coach;

Joseph G. Saricks, secretary of the board of directors since 1913.

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