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History of Freeland, Pa.
Mining & Mechanical Institute, class of 1947

These MMI photos from the yearbook Minamek come from Don Snyder via Ed Merrick.

MMI faculty 1947

1947 MMI faculty 1947 MMI faculty

First row: Neal E. Wood, mechanical drawing and shop; Anthony J. Dougherty, social studies.

Second row: Andrew J. Stofan, mathematics and languages; Victor S. Weiss, history and coach.

Third row: Michael Rubosky, English; Hugh T. Day, chemistry and physics.

Fourth row: Edward F. Sokolowski, mathematics and biology; Robert F. Schultz, mathematics and mechanical drawing. MMI Class of 1942 valedictorian.

1947 MMI seniors 1947 MMI seniors 1947 MMI seniors 1947 MMI seniors 1947 MMI seniors

First row: George Adomshick, James Baker, Robert Best, Gilbert Butterwick, Anthony Dombroski.

Second row: Malcolm Allen, Manuel Barbeito, Kenneth Breckenridge, William Clarke, Elwood Eckrote

Third row: Kenneth Anthony, Richard Baskin, Thomas Breslin, John Dano, Thomas Gabuzda.

Fourth row: Gerald Arnold, Arthur Bell, Arthur Brueningsen, John Della Croce, Daniel Gocek.

1947 MMI seniors 1947 MMI seniors 1947 MMI seniors 1947 MMI seniors 1947 MMI seniors

First row: Arthur Gordon, Charles Koch, Ray Mensinger, Stanley Rodzewich, Paul Super.

Second row: Emil Guzzie, Joshua Madden, Lawrence Mitchell, Charles Sachse, Charles Tyson.

Third row: Francis Hill, Joseph Martincek, John Pak, Marvin Schilling, Kenneth Wagner.

Fourth row: Michael Hutnyan, .Joseph McGrory, Andrew Popson, Robert Stecker, Thomas Williams.

Seniors who were not residents of Freeland and the North Side were:  Best, Butterwick, Dano, Gordon, McGrory, Pak, Sachse, Schilling, Stecker, Tyson, Wagner, and Williams.


1947 MMI juniors

1947 MMI sophomores

1947 MMI freshmen


1947 MMI football team

1947 MMI varsity basketball team

1947 MMI junior varsity basketball team

1947 MMI cheerleaders

Support Staff

1947 MMI faculty

Charles Mesmer, custodian; Helen Evancho, office secretary

Principal and Board Director

1947 MMI Principal 1947 MMI Director of the Board

At left, Lambert E. Broad, Principal.

At right, Johnstone Campbell, President, Board of Directors,  Superintendent, Drifton Shops, Lehigh Valley Coal Company.

Other members: F. Edgar Kudlich, MMI Class of 1917, special engineer, Jeddo-Highland Coal Company; Joseph G. Saricks, president, East Foster Coal Company; Walter E. Kahler, cashier, Citizens Bank; Arthur M. Young, research engineer, Bell Aircraft; Daniel M. Coxe; Cornelius B. Kunkle, secretary-treasurer, Sophia G. Coxe Charitable Trust; Richard l. Bigelow, attorney; G. John Bruger, attorney; and Haydn Owens, division superintender, Lehigh Valley Coal Company.

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