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History of Freeland, Pa.
Freeland Area Cemeteries

What's on this page:
  • Locations of various cemeteries
  • Link to lists of Luzerne County cemeteries and cemetery records
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The Freeland Cemetery is on Birkbeck Street, north of Johnson Street. It is the oldest cemetery in Freeland. It is nondenominational and not connected with any particular churches.

St. Ann's Cemetery is on St. Ann's Road in the old Woodside area west of Freeland (can access it by driving west on Luzerne Street and bearing left after the Little League field).

St. Casimir's and St. Mary's Cemeteries are at the west end of School Street, which runs parallel to Walnut Street but one block south of it. There is a tiny alleyway at the very end of School Street that you can take a right on to get onto the west extension of Walnut Street.

The other cemeteries in Freeland are also located west of town, accessible by driving west on Walnut Street. I will need to double-check this, but I *think* that driving west from Walnut Street you will encounter them on this order (and all would be on your left except for one, as noted): St. John's Nepomucene, St. Anthony's, St. Peter and Paul Slovak Lutheran, Old St. Casimir's; at the end of that cemetery, Walnut Street and Butler Terrace Road come together and continue west as Butler Terrace Road, where you encounter St. John's Nepomucene #2 on the right and Ss. Peter and Paul Eastern Greek Catholic (Orthodox) on the left. I believe that St. Michael's buries in that last Ss. Peter and Paul Cemetery.

The Eckley Cemetery is just outside of Eckley, but although I visited it in fall of 2012 I was in the company of a friend who knew his way around out there and I couldn't tell you how to find it. Ask at the Eckley Museum.

The Upper Lehigh Cemetery is closed due to repeated vandalism.


Link to list of Luzerne County cemeteries, prepared by the Veteran Affairs Bureau and posted to RootsWeb by Mary Jean.

Link to list of Luzerne County cemetery records, posted on the Pennsylvania Genealogy site.

Link to records of various cemeteries by townships in Luzerne County, pulled together by Mary Ann Lubinsky and other contributors and posted to the PaGenWeb site.

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