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History of Freeland, Pa.
Businesses in the 1900-1901 city directory

This information was taken from the 1900-1901 Pruden's Wilkes-Barre - Scranton Business Directory, Including the Cities and Towns of Wilkes-Barre, Hazleton, Pittston, Nanticoke, Plymouth, Freeland, Kingston, Luzerne, Edwardsville, Wyoming, West Pittstohn, Avoca, Etc.; Also Names and Address of the Farmers of Luzerne County. Adding the Business and Professions of the Cities and Towns of Scranton, Honesdale, Carbondale, Olyphant, Jermyn, Dunmore, Berwick, Bloomsburg, Etc., Etc. Published in Cincinnati, Ohio by The Pruden Directory Co., (Inc.). Price $2.00. Amazing, no? All I've got at present are the Freeland business listings.


Adamchick, John, saloon, Ridge
Albert, F. H., furniture, carpets and undertaker, 48 Centre


Bachman, E. & Son, undertakers, 14 Front
Beagle Hame Works, Harry S. Beagle & George Wise, proprietors, Freeland
Bellezza, John, Fine Footwear Shoe House, boots and shooes, and rubber goods, 110 Centre
Bereznak, J., saloon, Ridge and South
Berner, J. C., groceries and dry goods, Centre
Bertie, the barber
Birkbeck, Joseph, hardware, stoves, tinware, picture frames, sporting goods, wall paper, etc.
Birkbeck, plumber, Main
Birkbeck, William, hardware, stoves, etc.
Black Diamond Shoe Repairing Co., 117 Centre
Bockowiski, C. C., cigar manufacturer
Bonner, Annie, confectionery, Centre
Bonomo, G. R., tailor, 3 Front
Boos, Lor, bakery, Centre
Boyle, Johnny, saloon, 166 Centre
Boyle, Robert, Jr., saloon, 61 Walnut
Boyle, William J., saloon, 143 Centre
Boyle, W. F., grocer, Walnut
Buckley, Thomas A., justice of peace, 17 Main
Burke, P., saloon, Walnut
Butterwick, W. L., jeweler, musical instruments, cor. Front and Centre
Brackett, W. W., physician, Centre, Tel. 122
Breslin, H. M., undertaker, Centre
Brown, G. T., atty., Centre
Brunz, Leonard, grocer, Ridge
Brunningson, A., grocer, Walnut


Campbell, Matthew, grocer and confectionery, 112 Centre
Campbell, Thomas, liquor dealer
Campbell, T., dry goods and groceries, Centre
Capece, Anthony, grocer, 176-178 S. Ridge
Capace, Nicholas, confectioner and barber, 81 Centre
Carr, John M., attorney, Centre next P.O.
Caspar, L., saloon, Ridge
Central Hotel, M. H. Hunsicker, proprietor, rates $2 a day, The best hotel in the city, Centre
Central Penn. Telephone & Supply Co., Front
Christy, A. James, Singer Sewing Machines, Centre
Citizen's Bank of Freeland, Centre
Clancy, Michael, saloon, Centre
Cottage Hotel, S. Kresky, proprietor, $1.25 a day
Curry, E. J., dry goods and groceries, 91 Centre

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Davis, B. F., flour, feed, grain, straw, etc., Freeland
DeFoy, Mrs., saloon, Washington
Demeri, R., barber, Centre
DePierro Bros., restaurant, Ridge
DePierro Bros., saloon, 204 Centre
Doborgzinski, Jos., saloon, 166 Washington
Drasher, Steve, saloon, 20 Centre
Dusheck, Charles, liquor dealer, cor. Main and Washington


Eagle Hotel, Fred Krone, cor. Birkbeck and Johnson
Eckert, William J., hardware, &c., Centre
Evans, Jonah, meat market, Centre
Evans, J., meats, Freeland


Faltz, G. W., barber, Centre
Fenstermacher, Jos., barber, Centre
Fisher, George, meat market, Walnut
Fisher, John, livery, Washington
Fowler, Owen, editor Semi-Weekly Progress, Centre
Freeland Beef Co., G. S. Christian, Mgr., Tel. Anthracite 1162, Bell 23, cor. WAshington and R. R.
Freeland House, Aug. Kellert, proprietor, cor. Washington and Main
Freeland Opera House, Ridge
Freeland Overall Co., Freeland
Freeland Silk Mill Co., Freeland
Freeland Water Co., F. Schilcher, secretary


Gallagher, Ed., barber, Centre
Gallagher, William, saloon, Ridge
Garrison, Dr. W. J., physician and dentist
George, Henry, grocer, 43 Walnut
Gill, Daniel, dry goods and notions, Centre
Goeppert, A., saloon, 11 Walnut
Gross, D., clothing and general merchandise, Centre
Gross, Samuel, saloon, Main
Grover, M. B., drugs and stationery, 59 Centre


Halpin Manufacturing Co., manufacturers of carriages, wagons and sleighs, cor. Pine and Walnut
Hartman, Geo. H., meats, Centre
Heller, J. M., barber, Centre
Herbst, R. H., photographer, Centre
Hess, S. S., dentist, 37 Centre
Hudaky, Emil, saloon, Centre
Hudock, John, saloon, 152 Centre
Hudock, Stephen, meats, Centre
Hudock, Andro, saloon, 12 Centre
Hygiene Milk Co., Centre


Jenkins, William, saloon, 121 Centre
Jones, A. R., tailor, Centre
Jones, D. P., notions, queensware, etc., Centre
Jones, R., merchant tailor, under Central Hotel
Kalb, physician, Centre
Kasardo, Andrew, saloon, cor. Luzerne and Centre
Keiper, William, confectionery, Centre
Koons, H. C., general merchandise, Centre
Krommes, George, grocery, Birkbeck
Kushnerick Brothers, wholesale and retail dealers in confectionery and cigars, 134 Centre


Laubach, D. C., confectionery, 22 Centre
Lazonik, Harry, saloon, Ridge [I think this might be a typo for Lazorik]
Leichtman, M., confectionery and cigars, Centre
Letshock, George, saloon, Centre
Llewellyn, Tom., saloon, 31 Centre
Lloyd, L., milliner, Centre
Longo, Henry, saloon, Centre

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McBrearty, John J., attorney, 84 Centre
McDonald, Mrs., dressmaker, 38 Centre
McDonald, J. P., furniture, Centre
McFadden, Patrick, carpet weaver, Centre
McHugh, James, expressman, Freeland
McHugh, Will., confectionery, 156 Centre
McLaughlin, George, attorney, Centre
McMenamin, J. J., gent's furnishers., etc., 86 Centre
McNulty, P. F., undertaker, 82 Centre
Magagna, Peter, hotel and saloon, cor. Centre and South
Maley, N., dentist, Centre
Maloy, James J., restaurant and saloon, 53 Centre
Malloy, Hugh A., boots and shoes, 35 Centre
Marchetti, Henry, tin, stove, etc., Centre
Marshall, Fred., barber, 161 Centre
Mathers, Mrs. M. E., millinery, Centre
Merkt, M., cigars, fruits, candies, pipes, etc. (wholesale and retail), 19 Centre
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., Washington
Miller, Fred., confectionery, 53 Front
Miller, Oliver, watch repairer, also bicycle repairing, Centre
Miller, P., barber, 9 Front
Modry, George, saloon, 163 Washington
Morris, Bernard, grocery, Centre
Moses, Norris, dry goods, 131 Centre
Murphy, Edward, saloon, cor. Centre and Main
Myers, J. D., cabinet maker, Washington


Neale, Dr. H. M., physician, Centre, Upper Lehigh, Tel. 122
Neuburger, Joseph, Estate of, dry goods, clothing, furniture and shoes, Centre
Normal and Classical Institute, C. E. Edmunds, prin. Call for terms. Cor. Centre and Main
Norris & Phillips, grocers, 93 Centre
Norwich Union Fire Insurance Co., Centre
Nutze, S., cigar manufacturer, Centre
O'Boyle, Condy, saloon, Centre
O'Boyle, Michael, hardware, tinware, plumbing, and manufacturer of miner's lamps, Centre
O'Donnell, Frank, livery, sale and exchange, Tel. 1213
O'Donnell, R. J., attorney, Centre; Campbell bldg., cor. Centre and Main
Old Reliable House, saloon, Mrs. Ferry, proprietess, cor. South and Washington
Orient Insurance Co., Hartford, Centre
Oswald, A., general merchandise, Centre
Owen, James, boots and shoes, 22 Main

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Palko, Andrw, saloon, Centre
Park View House, hotel and saloon, Front
Park, W. H., millinery and notions, Centre
Pasternak, Mike, saloon, South
Pecora, John, tailor, Washington
Pierro de, R., merchant tailor, Centre
Pittston Cut Glass Co., jewelers, 180 Stark nr. Warren, West Pittston
Portser, I., physician, Centre
Potochney, Mike, bottling works, Ridge
Prudential Life Insurance Co., Will R. Donmoyer, ass't sup't, Centre cor. Main


Riebold, Henry, carpet weaving, dry goods, carpets, window shades, &c., Centre
Rippel, J., baker and confectionery, Centre
Rogan, John, confectionery, 81 Centre
Roth, R. C., blacksmith and wheelwright, Front street
Rudewick, Anthony, general merchandise, Birkbeck
Rugens, John, saloon and restaurant, 74 Centre


Sachs, Adam, saloon, 5 Front
Salmon's Axle Works
Schach, Anton, confectionery and cigars, 30 Centre
Schilcher, Frank, Secretary of Freeland Water Co., Centre
Schilcher, Dr. F., physician and drugs, Centre
Semi-Weekly Progress, printers, Centre
Senie, Samuel, clothing, 26 Centre
Shambora, George J., grocer, hay, feed and grain, Centre
Shambora, Peter, saloon and restaurant, 162 Centre
Shigo, George, saloon, 132 Centre
Shigo, John, dry goods and steamship agent
Shovlin, Hugh A., justice of the peace, insurance, Centre
Sipple, George, merchant tailor, Centre
Slavonic Truth, weekly newspaper, $1.50 yearly, Main
Smith, Mrs. M. J., millinery, Centre
Sosnowski, Jacob J., meats, cor. Luzerne and Washington
Standard Milk Co., butter, eggs and cream, Centre
Stahl, Mrs. John, saloon, Centre
Stroh, C. O., lawyer, Centre
Stuntz, H., boots and shoes, Ridge
Sweeney, Jas. J., gent's furnishings, 35 Centre


Teselesky, George, saloon, Centre
"The Press", weekly newspaper, job printers, W. R. Fald, proprietor and editor, terms $1.00 a year, 21 Centre
Thomason, W. P. O., physician, Tel. 122, Centre
Thomas, J. H., barber, Centre
Thomas, F., dry goods, 141 Centre
Thompson, Mrs. R., dressmaker and dry goods
Timony, Peter, bottling works
Tribune, The, newspaper, terms $1.50 a year, Main
Tribune Printing Co., limited, D. S. Buckley, mgr., job printers, Main


Vargo, M., saloon, 130 Washington
Ward, J., photographer, South
Wear Well Clothing House, M. Refowich, proprietor, merchant tailor, gent's furnishings, 37 Centre
Wear Well Boot and Shoe Store, Centre
Wehrmann, William, watchmaker, 85 Central [Centre?]
Welsh, Rich., saloon, 145-1/2 Centre
Wentz, Geo. S., physician, Centre
Wenner, S. & Sons, groceries and dry goods, 125 Centre
Williams, Tony, boot repairing, 35 Centre
Williamson, William, hardware, etc., Front and Washington
Winter, Libor, oyster saloon, 15 Front
Wise, George, saddler, Centre
Woodring, Silas, books and stationery, 27 Centre


Yennes, John, saloon, cor. Washington and Front [Yannes?]
Ying Lee, laundry, Centre
Y. M. C. A., 37 Centre
Zadra, F., grocer, South
Zwolensky, Joe, saloon, 112 Centre cor. Luzerne

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