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History of Freeland, Pa.
Freeland area mercantile listings, 1897

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Freeland businesses listed in 1897 mercantile assessment listing, published 19 April 1897

Contributed by Ed Merrick. Note that there are separate lists at the end for theaters and pool/billiard tables.


Albert, F. H., furniture, 14
Boyle, Wm. F., groceries, 14
Berno, J. C., groceries, 14
Butterwick, A. M., jeweler, 14
Brendman, Morris, boots and shoes, 14
Belleza, John, boots and shoes, 14
Bachman, A. A., wall paper &c, 14
Birkbeck, Wm., hardware, 14
Bronze, Leonard, groceries, 14 [Branze]
Breslin, H. M., undertaker, 14
Croll, Chas., butcher, 14
Campbell, T., general store, 13
Chestnut, E., novelties, 14
Cabbage, Nicholas, groceries, 14
Christie, James, sewing machines, 14
Brueningson, S., groceries, 14
Brogan, Wm. J., meats, 14
Davis, B. F., flour and feed, 14
Ebert, Wm., butcher, 14
Evans, Jonah, butcher, 14
Freeland Lumber Co., lumber &c., 14
Freeland Beef Co., meats, 11
Freeland Mercantile Co., flour and feed, 14
Fischer, Geo., butcher, 14
Gill, Daniel, dry goods, 14
Gillespie & Curry, groceries, 14
Gross, D., clothing, 14
Gruver, M. E., drugs, 14 [Grover]
Goski, John, groceries, 14
George, Henry, groceries, 14
Hudak, Stephen, meats, 14
Horack, Gottlieb, bakery, 14
Hartman, Geo. H., butcher, 14
Jones, D. P., general store, 14
Jovna, Charles, boots and shoes, 14
Koons, H. C., grocer and furniture, 9
Keiper, Wm., jeweler, 14
Kronmes, Geo., groceries, 14 [Krommes]
Losnowski, Jacob, meats, 14 [Sosnowski]
Leichtman, M., general store, __ [last line with number left off in my copy]
Mathers, Mrs., agt. Millinery 14
McDonald, J. P., dry goods and furniture
Miller, Oliver, jeweler, 14
Malloy, F. P., agt. groceries, 14
Morris, Barney, novelties, 14
Merkt, Chas., confectionery, 14
Moran, M. J., hardware &c., 14
McNulty, P. F., undertaker, 14
Neuburger, Jos., clothing, 14
Nagle, Jacob, undertaker, 14
Owens, James L., boots and shoes, 14
Oberrender, Thos., meats, 14
Olsho, L., clothing, 14
Oswald, A., groceries, 13
Quigley, J. B., confectionery, &c., 14
Rohrbach, C. D., hardware, 14
Refowich, M., boots and shoes, 14
Refowich, I., clothing, 14
Rudewick, A., groceries, 14
Simon, S., clothing, 14
Smith, S., clothing, 14
Scholler, Christian, bakery, 14
[Sosnowski], mistyped Losnowski, Jacob, meats, 14
Sweeney, J. J., boots and shoes, 14
Stuntz, Henry, boots and shoes, 14
Schlicher, F., drugs, 14
Senie, Samuel, clothing, 14
Shelly, Emory D., butcher, 14
Schwabe, M., powder and supplies, 14
Thomas, Francis, clothier, 14
Thompson, Mrs. R., millinery, 14
Wenner, S. & Son, groceries, 14
Wehrman, Wm., jeweler, 14
Woodring, Silas, stationery, 14
Wise, George, harness &c., 14
Williamson, Wm., hardware, 14
Wise, Frank, harness &c., 14
Zadra, groceries, 14

DePierro Bros., one table, $31
DePerro, Albert, one table, $31
Gross, S., one table, $31
Haas, Henry, one table, $31
Krouse, Mary, one table, $31
Llewellyn, Thos., one table, $31
Magagna, Peter, one table, $31
Skigo, John, one table, $31 [Shigo]
Shambora, Peter, one table, $31

St. Ann's C. T. B. A. Corps, Opera House [T.A.B. Corps]

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