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History of Freeland, Pa.
Freeland area mercantile listings, 1892

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Freeland businesses listed in the 1892 Mercantile directory

The Mercantile Agency reference book, (and key.) containing ratings of the merchants, manufacturers, and traders generally, throughout the United States & Canada. … 1892 … New York: R. G. Dun & Co., etc.
Provided courtesy of Matt Thompson, PA-Genealogy.

Freeland - Pop. 1,730 - A Banking Town

Albert, F. H., Furn. & Undertaker
Amend, J. H., Saloon
Bachman, A. A., Wallpaper & Paints
Bachman, E. & Sons, Undertakers (see Elias Bachman & Son, Hazleton)
Bell, John, Peddler Tea & Coffee
Berner, J. C., G. S. & Furniture
Birkbeck, Thos., H’ware, Stoves & Tin
Bohlin, James, B. & S. & H. & C.
Bonner, Daniel J., Saloon
Boyle, Daniel, Gro. & Novelties
Boyle, Wm. F., Gro.
Brady, Frank, Teas & Coffees
Brennan, Francis, Saloon
Breslin, H. M., Furn. & Undertaker
Brogan, Mrs. Cecelia, Gro, &c.
Buckley, T. A., Printer & Pub’r
Burger, A. K., Cont’r & Builder
Burke, Patrick, Saloon
Cabage, Nicholas, Gro., &c.
Campbell, T., Gro., Liq. & Furniture
Carey, Patrick, Saloon
Cartright, James, Hotel
Chestnut, Mrs. Geo, Notions, &c.
Chestnut, George, Boots & Shoes
Chestnut, Nathaniel, Confec. & Toys
Cowens, W. D., Contractor, &c.
Cunnius, John M., Planing Mill, Lumber & Contractor
Cusklo, John, Gro., &c.
Davis, B. F., Flour, Feed, Hay, &c.
De Foy, Mrs. Jane, Saloon
Depierro Bros., Saloon & Poolroom
Dodson, Mrs. R. A., Stat'y., &c.
Drasher, Stephen, Saloon
Duscheck, Chas., Saloon
Duscheck, John, Bottler
Edmunds, H. L., Gro.
Enama, Vincent, Gro., & B. & S.
Ferry, Morris, Saloon
Ferry & Christy, Notions & Novelties
Fisher Bros., Livery
Fowler, Owen, Printer & Pub'r.
Fox, Jacob, Blacksmith
Freeland Beef Co., H. R. Lacey, Prop’r. (see H. R. Lacey, Wilkes Barre)
Furey, Mrs. Mary, Confec., &c.
Geritz, Mrs. E. M., (Philip Geritz, Manager), Jeweler
Gibbon, Mrs. R. L., Gro., &c.
Goeppert, Albert, Hotel
Grimes, Mrs. Bertha A. or Mrs. W. A., Millinery & Notions
Gross, Mrs. J. B., G. S.
Gross, Mrs. Johanna, Clothing, B. & S. & Cigars & Tobacco
Grover, W. W., Drugs (see Luzerne)
Gutkoski, Frank, Gro. & Flour & Feed
Halpin, Michael, Carriagemkr.
Heller, Milton, Barber
Hoffmeire & O'Donnell, Livery, &c.
Horlacher, Frederick, Confec., &c.
Houston, John, Bottler
Hudock, A., Butcher
Johnson, C. A., Sewing Machines
Jones, John H., Gro., &c.
Jones, D. P., Gro.
Jones, Roland W., Tailor
Kehoe, George, Gro., &c.
Keller, August, Bottler
Kennedy, Daniel J., Green Gro., &c.
Kline Bros., Flour & Feed
Koch, Herman, Boots & Shoes
Koons, Henry C., G. S.
Koons, S. C., Tinware & Plumber
Krome, Henry, Junk & Rags
Krommes, George, G. S. & Stone Mason
Laird, H. J., Dentist
Laubach, J. B., Baker & Confec.
Lubrecht, Mrs. Mary L., Millinery, &c.
Ludwig, Rudolph, Saloon
McCoole, Neice, Saloon
McDonald, Joseph P., G. S., Furniture, &c.
McHugh, Patrick, Saloon
McHugh, Mrs. William, Gro., &c.
McLane, Jas., Gro., &c.
McNulty, Patrick F., Undertaker
Magagna, Peter, Hotel
Malloy, Hugh, B. & S. & Gents' Furn'g Goods
Malloy, Thomas P., Stoves & Tin
Malloy & McGettrick, Green Gro., &c.
Mathers, Mrs. J., Agent, Milliner
Meyer, Raymond E., Jeweler
Miller, O. M., Jeweler
Moore, Thomas, Saloon
Murphy, Edward, Saloon
Neuberger, J., D.G., Clothing, &c.
Nutze, Edwin, Mnfr. Cigars
O’Boyle, Condy, Restaurant
O'Donnell, Edward, Paperhanger & H'ware
O'Donnell, Mrs. Mary, Gro., &c.
Oswald, Amandas, G. S.
Pasarella, Vincent, Hotel, Gro., Cigars & Tobacco
Pottochany, Alexander, D. G. & Gro.
Powell, John M., Mnfg. Soap
Powers, J. J., Mer. Tailor
Rasay, John, Saloon
Refowich, Israel, Clothing, &c. (also South Bethlehem; and Morris Refowich, Agent, Ashland)
Rohrbach, Calvin D., Hardware, &c.
Rudewich, Stanislaus, Saloon & Bottler
Rugans, John, Saloon
St. Mary’s Co-operative Ass’n, G. S.
Sacks, Adam, Restaurant
Schaub, Conrad, Hotel
Schigo, John, Saloon
Schilcher, Frank, Phys'n & Drugs
Schwartz, Henry, G. S.
Sheaman, Samuel, Green Gro., & Confec.
Shelly, Emory, Green Gro. & Huckster
Schick, Miss Elizabeth S., Gro., Confec., &c.
Shick, Geo. W., Confec., Fruit, &c.
Shovlin, Mrs. Daniel (or Rose), Saloon
Sieger, Matthias, Hotel
Sipple, George, Tailor
Smith, John, Boots & Shoes, &c.
Solt, George A., Plumber, Stoves & Tin
Sosnosky, Jacob, Butcher
Stahl, Anthony, Saloon
Stunz, Henry, Boots & Shoes
Sweeney, Mrs. Ann, Confec., &c.
Thomas, B. F., Green Gro., &c.
Thomas, Michael, Clothing, &c.
Thrash, A. J., Hotel
Timony, Peter (near), Saloon & Bottler (see also Girard Manor)
Van Horn, S. B., Oysters
Washburn, A. W., Carriagemkr.
Wassner, Mrs. Catharine, Gro., &c.
Watkins, Mrs. Jane, Gro., &c.
Wehrman, W., Jeweler
Welsh, Michael, Saloon
Wenner, S. & Sons, G. S.
Williamson, Wm., Hardware, &c.
Winters, Libor, Saloon
Wise, Geo., Harness & Livery (see Jeddo)
Woolcock, William, Drugs.
Yannes, John, Bottler & Saloon
Zemany, M., G. S. & Saloon

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