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History of Freeland, Pa.
Car dealerships

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New car dealerships in Freeland

More information about these, if I have it, is shown on the Garages page, but here is a list-in-progress of new car dealers. Corrections and additions would be much appreciated. I'm assuming that all of these sold NEW cars (Feussner's still does!).

I'd like to add a section for used car dealers -- please send suggestions. Thanks!

Russell Bechtloff - Dodge, Plymouth representative, Freeland (1952 Minamek yearbook, from Ed Merrick) (CT: I don't know if this was a dealership, service center, or just a company representative)

James W. Boyle Garage - 415 Johnson St. - Studebaker, also Ford (1919, thanks to Steve Yaskewich) (1921-1922 lists him as a Studebaker dealer) - and see also Freeland Garage, below

Boyle & Curry Gasoline and Service Station - Washington St., behind the Post Office (Conal J. Boyle, Jr. and Joseph A. Curry) - GMC trucks (1928 ad, thanks to Charlie Gallagher - GMC trucks are mentioned in the ad, but I can't tell whether they were selling GMC trucks or just servicing them)

Danko Ford - 905 South at Ridge St. (John M. Danko) - Ford, Lincoln cars; Ford trucks; Fordson tractors - (Ford dealer at 1221 South in 1921-1922; at 905 South at Ridge in 1928-1929; at 1221 South in 1941 phonebook)

Danko Chevrolet Co. - 1221 South St. (Peter Danko in 1928-1929 directory) - Chevrolet

Danko's Overland Agency - South street (George Danko) - Overland

Fairway Motors - 200 E. South Street (Al Corazza) - Chevrolet cars and trucks

Feussner's Ford - E. South St. (Roy Feussner) - Ford, including Falcon, Fairlane, Galaxie, Mustang, Thunderbird (1964 Minamek yearbook, from Ed Merrick); also Hudson 1949-1954, and also Mercury for a time (thanks to Charlie Gallagher and Ed Merrick for those additions)

Fisher Brothers - 525 Main St. (Harry and Clyde Fisher) - Durant, Star

Freeland Garage - 417 Johnson St. (J. W. Boyle) - Ford; (listed in 1917 telephone directory; see also James W. Boyle Garage, above)

Funk Chevrolet-Oldsmobile (later Funks Automotive)
- 200 E. South St. (Peter F. Funk, son of Andrew E. Funk, named Chevy dealer in 1951) - Chevrolet, Oldsmobile

Funk's Garage - 415 Johnson (Andrew E. Funk, since 1923) - Chevrolet (1941 phonebook)

John R. Gallagher Buick Motor Cars - 816-818 Front St. (John R. Gallagher) - Buick

Griffith Garage - Carbon St. (James Griffith) - Chevrolet

August C. Gross Garage - Front and Washington streets showroom, then 818 Front St. - Ford

Kline Garage - 509 Johnson St. (William D. Kline) - Gardner

Kobrick's Garage - 104 Center, Center & Hazle Streets (Peter Kobrick) - Hudson

Kopski Automotive - 450 Ridge St. (Joe Kopski) - Buick; Gravely, Ariens tractors and lawn mowers

The Little Foreign Car Shop - Freeland-Drums Road (Mike Oleyar) - MGB, Jaguar, Subaru; Harley-Davidson

T. J. Richards Garage - 818 Front St. (Thomas J. Richards) - Chevrolet

Schott Overland and Willys-Knight Auto Showroom - Carbon St. (Michael Schott) - Salesroom and garage - Overland, Willys-Knight (1924 ad)

Stanley Garage - Dewey and Johnson (Stanley C. Novitsky) - Nash (previously at 315-317 Centre St.; in the 1950s that address was Poppalardo's garage; before that it was Da Grossa's garage)

Wilson's Pontiac - 415 Johnson St. (James H. Wilson) - Pontiac

Frank C. Yoch - 905 Pine St. - Hudson, Essex

Thanks to Paul Lesser, Steve Yaskewich, Joe Moore, Charlie Gallagher, Ed Merrick.

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