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History of Freeland, Pa.
Lumber yards, hardware stores and plumbers

What's on this page:
  • 20th-century lumber yards, hardware stores and plumbers
  • Lumber yards, hardware stores and plumbers listed in maps and directories 1900-1946
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There is some overlap among pages for Contracting and construction, Lumber yards and hardware stores, and Building decor, furnishings and appliances, so please also visit the other related pages.

Please send additions and corrections to this list.  Thanks to Ed Merrick and Billy Kuklis for expansions and corrections.

Ira Berger's Lumber Yard Joseph Balon - 434 Adams St., plumber, own business (age 42 in 1940 Census)

Ira Berger and Sons Lumber Yard - 803 Birkbeck St., Walnut and Birkbeck Sts. ('51 Minamek) (Catholic Reference Book and Parish Register, circa 1924) (From John Braddock: My uncle tells me when he returned home from Europe after WWII, Berger Construction Company had a training program for veterans,which he attended.) See also the page about Amandus K. Burger and Ira Berger.

G. R. Bonomo & Co. - 431 Centre St.  - Wall paper; Paints & varnishes; Electric appliances of all kinds such as washers, vacuum cleaners, etc.; Radio sets and parts; We do house wiring - (1924 ad) - also, "Your Garden Supply Store - Come Down Town and Save" (1957 ad)

Bonomo's Hardware Store ad, 1957 Tom and Rosalie Bonomo Bonomo's Hardware - 419 Centre St. (Tom and Rose Bonomo, proprietors) - Wall paper 3 cents and up per roll (1923 ad) - ("Save time. Come here first." '64 Minamek) From Ed Merrick, this photo of Tom and Rosalie Bonomo appeared in one of the Hazleton papers when Bonomo's Hardware was getting ready to close. Below that clipping is a photo of Bonomo's Hardware Store.

James W. Boyle Lumberyard ad, 1925 James W. Boyle Lumber Yard - 415 Johnson St. - "Lumber Jack's building advice" (1924 ad)

Cashimer's Paint and Decorating Center - 737 Front St. (George Cashimer, proprietor) (Valspar Paints. ('52 Minamek)) - "Let us help make your house a home ..." (1924 ad)

John Cheppa, 418 Centre St. - Contractor plumbing and heating, Freeland (from Billy Kuklis, 1932 FPD Ball program) (From John Cheppa's son Ed: The plumbing business was run from the Cheppas' home at 418 Centre. Tools were kept in the basement and in the garage behind the home. John Cheppa brought in his supplies from Wagner Bros. Hardware in Hazleton, or White's Hardware in Wilkes-Barre. Other Freeland plumbers operating at the same time included Joe Mulhearn and Bill Marchetti. John Cheppa would do his plumbing work during the days, and work the Cheppas' bar/restaurant in the evenings. His wife tended the bar during the day, in addition to housework and child care.)

George J. Chonko, Plumbing, Heating, Keystokers. ('53 Minamek)

City Lumber Yard, James E. Griffith, 1927 bill City Lumber Yard, Griffith, 1923 map detail City Lumber Yard - 540 Carbon Street (James E. Griffith, proprietor) - This 1927 bill and 1923 Sanborn Fire Insurance map detail show that what was later known as Griffith's Lumber Company was previously called City Lumber Yard.

Gordon Feissner's hardware store ad, 1956 Feissner's Hardware - 628 Centre St. (Gordon L. Feissner, proprietor) (CT: I remember that his store in the 1950s always smelled like fertilizer, because among other things he sold garden supplies. But look at this ad to see the amazing range of things he was selling in 1956.) - sold an assortment of appliances, housewares, sporting goods, toys, garden supplies, flowers for Memorial Day - and he gave S&H green stamps (1952, 1956 ads)

Freeland Lumber Co., 1923 map detail Freeland Lumber Co., 1912 map detail Freeland Lumber Co. Yard - Carbon St., later moved to Johnson St. (map details from the 1912 and 1923 Sanborn Fire Insurance maps)

Al Goeppert Plumbing and Heating return address Al Goeppert Plumbing, Heating and Spouting letterhead Goeppert Plumbing and Heating - 809 Walnut St. (Albert E. Goeppert) "Give me a trial and let me convince you that I can give you expert service" - heating for new or remodeled buildings, steam or hot water heat (1924 ads) - (Wendy Kelley shared these letterhead and return address images)

Gower Lumber Yard ad, 1924 Mike Gower Lumber Yard - office and yard Dewey and Johnson streets, contractor and building. (Source: Catholic Reference Book and Parish Register, circa 1924) - Michael Gower, Building contractor and lumber yard, Johnson St. (from Billy Kuklis, 1932 FPD Ball program) - "Now specializing in home construction" (1924 ad)

Griffith's Lumber Company - yards and office, 540 Carbon St. (In 1940, run by James E. and Joseph H. Griffith) home 448 South St., Woodside (Joseph listed as age 48 in 1940 Census, Ed Merrick) Contracting and building. Building materials of all kinds. Real estate bought, sold and exchanged. (Source: Catholic Reference Book and Parish Register, circa 1924) - And see "City Lumber Yard", above.

George Kobelka's business card George Kobelka - 940 North St., tombstones - "Memorial Art, Stones for All Purposes" ('54 Minamek) (Business card from Bob Celantano.)

Lentz and Freeland Lumber Co. yards, 1905 map detail Lentz's Lumber Yard - Robert A. Lentz, 175 Washington St. - General contracting work; home address Walnut St., Birvanton Hill; Office and lumber yard, Washington St. (1924 ad)

former Lindsay hardware store Lindsay Hardware bill header, 1925 Lindsay's Hardware - 628 Front St., Joseph Lindsay, Jr., plumber, hardware store; J. Lindsay & Co., southeast corner Front and Washington streets - Hardware. plumbing, heating and house furnishings (Source: Catholic Reference Book and Parish Register, circa 1924, from Ed Merrick). Photo at right taken in 2019 shows the Lindsay building that was built in 1881 for Joseph Lindsay, Jr.'s father, Joseph H. Lindsay, who had a wholesale business there briefly that failed in 1882. Joseph Lindsay, Jr. was listed as a merchant in the 1900 census; in 1905, he opened this hardware and plumbing store at Front and Washington (operating into the 1950s), and his brother James also worked there; Joseph Jr. previously ran the general store in Eckley. (some of this information thanks to Melanie Akren-Dickson)

Michael Lukac - 631 Centre Street. Electrical wiring and contracting. House work and fixtures a specialty. General electrical work and supplies. Radio Corporation of America. Radiolas and supplies. (Source: Catholic Reference Book and Parish Register, circa 1924) Electric heaters; house wiring; electrical equipment and radio supplies; repairing electrical equipment; wringer washing machines (1922, 1924, 1925 ads)

Marchetti's Plumbing - 435 Centre St., William Marchetti, proprietor and salesman, hardware store (age 36 in 1940 Census)

Martin's Hardware Store Martin's Hardware Store - Centre St. - R. Allen Martin (from Ed Merrick, 1936 and 1937 ads)

Charles Maso, masonry and contracting, 1927 bill Charles Maso, Mason / Contractor - 911 Main Street - stone and cement work

Charles Maso & Sons, Kitchen & Bath Center - Freeland-Drums Highway (from 1986 St. Casimir's booklet)

Maso's Plumbing - (Charlie Maso, proprietor)

Mulhearn's plumbing and heating ad, 1953 John A. Mulhearn, Plumbing and Heating - 235 Centre St. ('51, '53 Minamek); (listed as Mulhearn Fuel Service, Fuel Oil and Kerosene in 1986 St. Casimir's booklet)

Joseph A. Mulhearn, Plumbing and heating contractor, 720 Main St. (from Billy Kuklis, 1932 FPD Ball program) - Plumbing, heating and spouting, Pittston stoves, 729 Main St. (from Billy Kuklis, 1932 FPD Ball program) - J. A. Mulhearn Plumbing & Heating Co. - 235 Centre St. (1953 ad)

Mulhearn & McGarry, 1925 ad Andrew Novak, painter, 1925 ad J. A. Mulhearn Plumbing & Heating Co. - 317 Washington St. -  (1948 ad from Ed Merrick)

Mulhearn & McGarry Plumbers and Steam Fitters
- 317 Washington St. - Plumbing and heating "for a home, apartment building, garage, factory or store - or just a single job of repairing" (1924 and 1925 ads from Ed Merrick, 1925 shown here)

Andrew Novak Exterior and Interior Painting - 1115 Walnut St. (1925 ad from Ed Merrick)

O'Boyle Hardware ad, 1929 M. M. O'Boyle's Hardware Store - 412 Centre St. - Wall paper, paints, varnishes, stains, alabastine and window shades, all colors (1919 ad from Ed Merrick, 1923 ad from Charlie Stumpf) - a 1924 ad says they also sold ice skates, roller and bob skates.

Pignatari's paint and wallpaper ad, 1956 Pignatari's Wallpaper and Paint - 836 Main St., Arcangelo Pignatari, painter, building construction (age 53 in 1940 Census) ('64 Minamek) (From Ed Merrick: The owner was the artist who painted the large, voluptuous nude that hung over the counter at the back of the store. I remember sneaking looks at it as I and my friends came from shows at the Greek's Auditiorum.)
Angelo Pignatari, Painting contractor, Paints and artistic wall paper, 836 Main at Ridge Sts. (from Billy Kuklis, 1932 FPD Ball program)
Angelo Pignatari - corner Ridge and Main Sts. - Painter & Decorator; paper hanging, interior and exterior painting, complete line of wall paper (1922 ad) - 834 Main St. - Wallpaper, paint - S&H Green Stamps (1956 ad)

T. H. Walter & Son Plumbing - 626 Centre St. (1924 ad)

John J. Witchin, Plumbing and Heating - 1127 Chestnut St.

Lumber yards, hardware stores and plumbers listed in maps and directories 1900-1946

1900 Sanborn Fire Insurance Co. map
Freeland Lumber Co.

Birkbeck Brothers ad Reverse side of the Birkbeck Brothers ad 1900-1901 city directory
In business listings:
Birkbeck, Joseph, hardware, stoves, tinware, picture frames, sporting goods, wall paper, etc.
Birkbeck, William, hardware, stoves, plumbing, etc.
Eckert, William J., hardware, &c., Centre
O'Boyle, Michael, hardware, tinware, plumbing, and manufacturer of miner's lamps, Centre
Williamson, William, hardware, etc., Front and Washington

Birkbeck Bros., Plumbers ad listing various kinds of products and work, including for saloons. The reverse side of the ad is a copy of a 10 dollar bill of the "Confederate States of America."

1905 Sanborn Fire Insurance Co. map
Freeland Lumber Co.
L. Lentz Lumber Yard

1912 Sanborn Fire Insurance Co. map
Freeland Lumber Co.

J.T. Miller, plumber, sign on Centre Street, 1914 1917 telephone directory
In business listings:
Birkbeck, Ray, Plumbing, Heating, Tinning - 602 Centre
Chandler, Daniel, Plumbing and Heating - 823 Main
Lindsay, Joseph, Hardware - 628 E. Front
Martin, W. E., Hardware - 524 Centre
Miller, John T., Plumbing - 711-713 Centre

The photo showing Miller's sign, a half block south of the borough building, was taken in the aftermath of the 1914 blizzard. (courtesy of the Freeland Historical Society)

1921-1922 city directory
In business listings:
Berger’s Lumber Yard, contractor, also lumber, Birkbeck cor Walnut
Hazleton Hardware Co. – 33-35 W. Broad, Hazleton
Jones, David P., hardware – 350 Centre
Lindsay, J. and Co., hardware and plumbing – 628 Front
Marchetti, Henry, hardware – 443 Centre
Martin, Wm. E., hardware and plumbing – 524 Centre
Miller, John T., plumber - 713 Centre
O’Boyle, Michael M., hardware – 412-414 Centre
Woodring, Jere & Co. – 206 W. Broad, Hazleton
Woodring, Wm. F., plumber - 729 Front

1923 Sanborn Fire Insurance Co. map
City Lumber Co., Lumber Shed, &c.
Freeland Lumber Co.
J. Griffith, Lumber Shed, &c.

1928-1929 city directory
In business listings:
Berger, Ira & Son, general contractors, also retail lumber, 803 Birkbeck at Walnut
Boyle, James W., lumber (retail), 415 Johnson
City Lumber Yard, lumber (retail), 540 Carbon
Goeppert, Albert E., plumber, 809 Walnut
Lentz, Robert A., roofers' supplies and materials, 175 Washington
Lindsay, J. & Co., hardware and plumber, 628 Front
Marchetti, Henry, hardware, 443 Centre
Martin, William E., plumber, 524 Centre
Miller, John T., plumber, 713 Centre
Mulhearn & McGarey, plumbers, 723 Main
O’Boyle, Michael M., hardware, 412-414 Centre
Oleyar, Michael, hardware, 427 Centre
Slusser, Howard W., plumber, 426 Centre

1929 Sanborn Fire Insurance Co. map
Berger Lumber Co.
City Lumber Co., Lumber Shed, &c.
Freeland Lumber Co.

1940 city directory
In business listings:
Berger, Ira & Son, contractors and builders, roofing, lumber, 803 Birkbeck
Bonomo, Genero R., hardware - 431 Centre
Feissner, Gordon L., hardware - 628 Centre
Griffith Lumber Co., lumber, roofing, builders, 540 Carbon
Lindsay, Jos., hardware - 628 Front
Marchetti, Wm., hardware - 435 Centre
Lindsay, J. & Co., hardware - 624 Front
O'Boyle, Minnie C., hardware - 414 Centre
Oleyar, Michael Estate, hardware - 427 Centre
Mulhearn, Joseph A., plumber - 432 Centre
Woodring, Jere & Co. - 201 W. Broad, Hazleton, Pa.

1946 Sanborn Fire Insurance Co. map
M. Gower, Building Material

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